[Tokyo Revengers] Who is Sanzu? The relationship with Mikey and Bonten!

[Tokyo Revengers] The profile and details of Sanzu Haruchiyo Sanzu

This article will explain the true identity of Haruchiyo Sanzu from Tokyo Revengers, including his relationship with Tokyo Manji gang, Mucho, Mikey and Bonten.

Sanzu is a character that began to appear in the latter half of the Tokyo Revengers story.

When he was in Tokyo Manji gang, he didn’t make that many notable appearances, but he became a main character in the final Arc and the scenes where he became a member of the Bonten.

First of all, let’stake a look the true identity of Sanzu from the description in the story.

What you can learn from this article
  • The true identity of Sanzu Haru Chiyo
  • The relationship between Sanzu Haru Chiyo and Mucho
  • The relationship between Sanzu Haru Chiyo and Brahma

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo Revengers] Who is Haruchiyo Sanzu?

[Tokyo Revengers] Who is Haruchiyo Sanzu?(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Haruchiyo Sanzu is Mikey’s right-hand man in 2018. Incidentally, Sanzu’s position changes as the story progresses.

  • At first, he was the vice captain of 5th division in Tokyo Manji gang.
  • In Kanto Incident, he descended to Tenjiku with Mucho.
  • In 2008, he is the member of Kanto Manji gang.
  • In 2018, he is the number two of Bonten.

Even though his position has changed, there is one thing in common, and that is the value that “Mikey is the king“.

When he was a member of Tokyo Manji gang, and even when I moved to Tenjiku with Mucho, he didn’t actually lose his loyalty to Mikey.

This leads to his actions towards Mucho, as we will see later.

[Tokyo Revengers] The relationship between Haruchiyo Sanzu and Mucho & Mikey! They’re as close as brothers!

Next, I will explain the relationship between Sanzu and Yasuhiro Mutoh Yasuhiro, aka Mucho.

Sanzu’s first appearance was during Kanto Incident in the story, at which point he was the vice-captain of 5th division and Mucho’s right-hand man.

But the relationship between them changes as Sanzu’s position changes.

Sanzu was originally a troublemaker at Tokyo Manji gang.

Sanzu was originally a troublemaker at Tokyo Manji gang.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 206 of volume 23 of the manga, the episode from when Sanzu and Mucho first met is described.

Mikey said that “other troops can’t handle him, cuz he’s a rampaging horse.”.

So Mikey decided to leave him with Mucho, who was the strongest of member in Tokyo manji gang except Mikey.

And Mikey was right, Sanzu Haru Chiyo was a problem child who caused a lot of problems, and it seems that Mucho had a lot of trouble with her.

Mucho took him in and he joined 5th division in Tokyo Manji gang.

Sanzu works for Mucho in 5th division’s special duty of “spying on the inner group“, and although he is a troublemaker, he becomes Mucho’s right hand.

In the story, there is a scene where Mucho and Sanzu are playing Shogi, and when Sanzu plays “Anaguma”.

“Anaguma” is a defensive opening which is one of the established tactics, and they have this conversation.

Mucho: A defensive opening, huh… Pretty solid move.
Sanzu: Well, protecting the king is priority.

This way of playing shogi shows the character and values of Sanzu, who is absolutely loyal to Mikey, as the ‘king’.


Mucho took him in and he joined 5th division in Tokyo Manji gang.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Incidentally, the mask he wears in the story was given to him by Mucho, who advised him to wear it on a regular basis because he was losing money with his scar.

Sanzu became the vice-captain of the 5th division!

Sanzu became the vice-captain of the 5th division!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

After six months, Sanzu became Mucho’s right-hand man and worked hard as the vice-captain of 5th division.

In addition to being strong and courageous to begin with, he was loyal not only to Mikey but also to Mucho, and Mucho trusted him also.


Eventually, Sanzu said, “I was an only child, so I wanted an elder brother like the captain.” and Mucho and Sanzu became like real brothers.


However, the fact that Sanu says that “I was an only child” is a lie, based on the sibling relationship described by Senju Kawaragi in chapter 216 of Tokyo Revengers.

The fact that Sanzu lied about being an only child shows how bad his relationship with Senju Kawaragi and Takeomi Akashi is as siblings.

Sanzu joined to Tenjiku with Mucho.

Sanzu joined to Tenjiku with Mucho.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

And Sanzu also followed Mucho when he left Tokyo Manji gang for Tenjiku.

Up until then, Sanzu had listened to Mucho’s instructions without question, and even when Mucho left Tokyo Manji gang, Sanzu seemed to be a loyal partner to Mucho.

However, it was at this point that Sanzu said, “I’ll tag along with you, captain. This is where I “belong””, but the “belong” he was referring to was Mikey’s place.

Sanzu killed Mucho with a Japanese sword after Kanto incident.

After the “Kanto Incident”, Mucho and the other executives of Tenjiku were arrested.

Six months after the Kanto Incident, Moochow was released from the Tokyo Detention Centre and was greeted by Sanzu, who said “Captain! Congratulations on your release!”.

Then Sanzu put Mucho in his car and took him to Pier 3, the site of the decisive battle of the “Kanto Incident”.


Sanzu killed Mucho with a Japanese sword after Kanto incident.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

There, Sanzu suddenly took out a Japanese sword and slashed Mucho.

Sanzu pretended to have followed Mucho to Tenjiku, but he had been waiting for an opportunity to kill him.

The reason for this is that, as he said in the aforementioned shogi, “protecting the king is priority“, and he could not forgive Mucho for betraying Mikey.


Sanzu liked Mucho like a elder brother, but that was only on the premise that he was working for Mikey.

[Tokyo Revengers] Haruchiyo Sanzu is No.2 of Bonten!

We’ve explained the true identity of Sanzu Haru Chiyo, from the time she was a member of Tokyo Manjikai to the episode where she killed Mucho.

As you can see from this episode, Sanzu Haru Chiyo is a loyal dog and a terrible mad dog, and she is absolutely loyal to Mikey anyway.

Here, we will explain what happens to Chiya Sanzusharu after she kills Mucho.

Sanzu was a member of the Kanto Manji gang in 2008.

Sanzu was a member of the Kanto Manji gang in 2008.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 207 of volume 24 of the manga, we see a world about two years after the “Kanto Incident”, where Sanzu belongs to a team “Kanto Manji gang“.

The president of the team is of course Mikey, and besides Sanzu, Kokonoi Hajime(aka Koko) also belongs to the team.

This team was later known as “Bonten“, and it seems that from this time onwards, Sanzu was working as Mikey’s right hand man.

Sanzu was appointed as Bonten’s no.2.

Sanzu was appointed as Bonten's no.2.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In 2018, Tokyo Manji gang has already disappeared, but a new crime syndicate called Bonten has taken over, and Sanzu is its number 2.

Sanzu is a rabid dog who shoots three people to death easily, and takes drugs while making horrible noises.


However, Sanzu is not the type of person who goes out of control and slaughters people, and his value of “Mikey is the king” is absolutely unchanged.

He always listens to Mikey’s instructions, and when Mikey speaks, he is a loyal dog who silences the people around him.

[Tokyo Revengers] Haruthiyo Sanzu’s sinlings! Takeomi Akashi and Senju Kawaragi are brother and sister!

[Tokyo Revengers] Haruthiyo Sanzu's sinlings! Takeomi Akashi and Senju Kawaragi are brother and sister!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 216, Senju Kawaragi revealed a shocking fact. Takeomi Akashi, Haruchiyo Sanzu and Senju Kawaragi are brother and sister.

Takeomi Akashi is the eldest son, Sanzu is the second son, and Senju Kawaragi is the eldest daughter, which means that Sanzu is related to the top two of Brahman.

[Tokyo Revengers] Who’s Haruchiyo Sanzu?! Is his real name Haruchiyo Akashi?

As we mentioned earlier, Sanzu is related to Takeomi Akashi and Senju Kawaragi.

Also, the name of Senju is not a real name but like a professional name. Actually her real name is Senju Akashi.

In other words, “Haruchiyo Sanzu” is probably also a kind of professional name, and his real name may be “Haruchiyo Akashi“.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo Revengers] Who is Sanzu? The relationship with Mikey and Bonten!”

In this article, I explained the true identity of Sanzu in Tokyo Revengers, based on his relationship with Tokyo Manji gang, Mucho and Bonten.

Sanzu is not a person who approached Mikey with a black heart like Kisaki, but he is a person who genuinely worships Mikey.

This is the reason why he kills Mikey’s enemies immediately, even if it’s Mucho, whom he loves like his own brother.

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