[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano’s height and age! How strong he is?

[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano's strength. South Terano

This article introduces the strength, height, and age of South Terano, the head of the “Rokuhara-Tandai”.

SouthTerano is one of the three main forces in the story of Tokyo Revengers in 2008, along with Mikey in Kanto Manji gang and Senju Kawaragi in Brahman.

He is one of the key figures in the final Arc of the Tokyo Revengers, as he has the strength and power to create a three-way war in Tokyo.

What you can learn from this article
  • South’s appearance
  • South’s height
  • How strong is South Terano?
  • South Terano’s hometown and his age

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano’s first appearance in Tokyo Revengers! He has big tatoos!

[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano's first appearance in Tokyo Revengers! He has big tatoos!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

South Terano made a face-on appearance in chapter 207 of volume 24 of the manga, and later appeared in chapter 208 when Kazushi Yamagishi was explaining the power structure of Tokyo in 2008.

He has a large tattoo on the right side of his head, neck and chest, making him look quite large.

He is the leader of a huge team called “Rokuhara-Tanai“, which is no doubt well known to all the delinquents in Tokyo.

[Tokyo Revengers] How strong is South Terano? Is his height over 2 metres tall?

South Terano is extremely strong chacter as evidenced by his size.

As the leader of one of Tokyo’s three main forces, South Terano is probably one of the strongest fighters in the Tokyo Revengers.

Furthermore, the following former Tenjiku members belong to the “Rokuhara-Tandai” led by South Terano.

  • Kakucho
  • Kanji Mochizuki
  • Shion Madarame
  • Ran Haitani
  • Rindo Haitani

In particular, Kakucho, the former head of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku, was the second strongest after Izana Kurokawa, but the fact that Kakucho is under him means that South Terano is that strong.


[Tokyo Revengers] How strong is South Terano? Is his height over 2 metres tall?(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

And one part of his strength is shown in chapter 211, where he is so unbelievably strong that even the Draken is no match for him.

In the first place, he’s a huge man, over 2 meters tall, and he’s a monster of unparalleled power and durability.


Later, in chapter 228, South Terano single-handedly kicks out the former strongest duo in Japan, Keizo Arashi and Wakasa Imaushi.

After all, this man is one of the strongest in the history of Tokyo Revengers.

[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano’s real name is “Minami Terano”!

In the 210th chapter of Tokyo Revengers, it turns out to be “TMinami Terano” from South Terano.

The word of “Minami” in Japanese means “south” in English.

If you read it in Chinese kanji, you’ll think it’s a good idea.

[Tokyo Revengers] Is the gender of South Terano a woman?

In fact, some fans of Tokyo Revengers used to think that “South Terano is a woman?“.

Normally, it would be the biggest shock in the story if such a muscular giant was a woman, but it seems that this rumor was triggered by the following.

  • South Terano’s real name is “Minami Terano”.
  • Senju Kawaragi was found to be a high school girl.

In many cases, “Minami” sounds like female’s name in Japan.

And especially in chapter 215, when Senju Kawaragi appeared as a girl, many fans were shocked, and this led to the rumor that “maybe South Terano is also a girl!”.

Of course that is comletely false rumours.

[Tokyo Revengers] What is Rokuhara-Tandai, led by South Terano?

South Terano leads a team called “Rokuhara-Tantai“. The main members are, as I mentioned earlier, Kakucho and other ex-Tenjiku members.

This team is based in Minato Ward and is said to be “the largest force in Tokyo”, so the team probably has the largest number of members of the three major forces.


Its key members include former Tenjiku mainstays such as Kakucho, Ran Haitani, Rindo Haitani, Kanji Mochizuki and Shion Madarame.

South Terano was in the same reformatory when the Haitani brothers, Kanji Mochizuki and Shion Madarame were imprisoned in the reformatory at the end of the “Kanto Incident”.

While in the reformatory, South Terano managed to beat them up single-handedly, and like Izana Kurokawa before him, he founded Rokubara-Tandai after he was released from the reformatory.

[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano was born in Rio, Brazil! What’s his age?

[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano was born in Rio, Brazil! What's his age?(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 227 of Tokyo Revengers, we find out about South Terano’s past, and it is revealed that he grew up in the favelas of Rio, Brazil.

The city’s gangster Dino taught him how to fight and live, and by the age of 12, South Terano had become the boss of the city’s gang.

At the age of 14, his mother was killed and he was seriously injured in an attack on his home by a rival team, and the gang was closed down.


He then moved in with his grandparents in Japan, and from there began his rise to prominence in the country.

Considering this episode, his age is not so high actually.

Probably South was in the reformatory for several years, so his age in 2008 might be 18-20 years old.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano’s height and age! How strong he is?”

In this article, we explained the strength of South Terano, the head of the Tokyo Revengers’ “Rokuhara-Tandai”.

We will continue to update this article as new information becomes available about South Terano and the “Rokuhara-Tantai”.

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