[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano’s death scene! How he was killed?

[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano's death scene! How he was killed? South Terano

This article will explain how and why and how South Terano died.

South Terano is a character who appears in the final Arc of Tokyo Revengers and is the representative of a team called Rokuhara Tandai.

He is one of the strongest characters in the series, with his huge body of over 2 meters, which gives him unparalleled power and durability.

Let’s take a closer look at the events leading up to South Terano’s death.

What you can learn from this article
  • How South Terano died?
  • The reasons for South Terano’s death
  • What happened after South Terano’s death?

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano is dead? What happened before he was killed?

First of all, let’s look at the incidents and conflicts that occurred in the story before South’s death.

Even before South’s death, the story of the Tokyo Revengers was in rough situation.

Draken is killed by a bullet from a member of the Rokuhara Tandai!

Draken is killed by a bullet from a member of the Rokuhara Tandai!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the story, Draken is killed by a bullet fired by the underlings of Rokuhara Tandai.

It all started when Senju Kawaragi and Takemichi were at an amusement park when three of Rokuhara Tandai’s underlings attacked them with guns.

When Takemichi tried to protect Senju Kawaragi from being shot, Draken rushed in and became Takemichi’s shield and beat up the Rokuhara Tandai men.


This may have been the end of the story, but Draken was hit by three bullets when he defended Takemichi, and it was definitely a fatal wound.

Draken then died in chapter 223 after Emma took him by the hand after he had a run-in with a past member of Tokyo Manji gang.
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When Emma died, Draken was so shocked that he forgot what he was doing, but even Draken died, so it was an unhelpful ending.
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The “3 deities war” has broken out!

The (C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

After Draken’s death, Takeomi Akashi, the number two of Brahman, to which Draken belonged, even if only temporarily, was pissed off.

And while Takeomi Akashi said “We’re going to crush Rokuhara Tandai.”, South Terano had already appeared on the scene with the members of Rokuhara Tandai in tow.
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Furthermore, the Kanto Manji gang, led by Mikey, also showed up, and the “3 deities war” suddenly began.
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A battle of the top 3 deities!

A battle of the top 3 deities!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the “3 deities war”, the battle between 3 deities was depicted. The first up is South Terano vs Senju Kawaragi.

Despite being a girl, Senju Kawaragi is very physically strong, so she was able to dodge South’s attacks and hit him with accuracy.
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However, South’s unbelievable endurance began to take its toll on her, and she was eventually overpowered by his power.
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Then Mikey showed up, and the battle between Mikey and South Terano, the two strongest Tokyo Revengers, began.

[Tokyo Revengers] Why did South Terano die? The end of the fight with Mikey!

[Tokyo Revengers] Why did South Terano die? The end of the fight with Mikey!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

South Terano was one of the strongest in the Tokyo Revengers, and was even described by Waka as “Mikey-level“.
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But even South Terano fell by Mikey’s onslaught. Even South’s durability, which made him immune to Waka and Benkei’s attacks, couldn’t withstand Mikey’s attacks.


In the 233rd chapter of Tokyo Revengers, Mikey got on top of South Terano and hit him mercilessly from the mount position.
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Then Mikey’s powerful right fist struck South, killing him.

He had been known as the “Unparalleled South”, but he was no match for Mikey, who had been swallowed up by the “Dark Impulsivity“.
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[Tokyo Revengers] What happens after the death of South Terano? Is the Rokuhara Tandai disbanded?

As mentioned above, South Terano was beaten to death by Mikey, and Rokuhara Tandai was absorbed by Kanto Manji gang.

So Kanto Manji gang grew up the gigantic team in this era.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo Revengers] South Terano’s death scene! How he was killed?”

In this article, we explained how and why South Terano died.

South was the big boss character in the final Arc of Tokyo Revengers, but he died at the hands of Mikey.

It was a scary opponent, but a sad end to South Terano’s life.

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