[Tokyo Revengers] Nobutaka Osanai is in death? The situation of Moebius afterwards!

[Tokyo Revengers] Nobutaka Osanai is in death? The situation of Moebius afterwards! Nobutaka Osanai

This article explains about Nobutaka Osanai of Tokyo Revengers, whether he died in the story, his later development and his future situation.

Nobutaka Osanai is a character who appears in front of Takemichi and his friends as the president of Moebius.

He is one of the characters who is beaten up by Mikey’s high kick and was also stabbed by Pah-chin in a tragic situation.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at whether Osanai died or survived in the Tokyo Revengers story, and what happened to him after his last appearance.

What you can learn from this article
  • Living/dead status of Osanai
  • Osanai’s situation in the future

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo Revengers] Has Nobutaka Osanai died after the battle of 8/3?

Nobutaka Osanai was stabbed and seriously injured by Pah-chin in the story, but as mentioned below, he did not die.

Osanai appeared in the war between Tokyo Manji gang and Moebius, and as the captain of Moebius, he was strong enough to overpower Pah-chin.

After that, he was KO’d by Mikey, stabbed and seriously injured by Pah-chin.

Then it was revealed that he was dancing like puppet on string by Tetta Kisaki, a rather unfortunate character.

In the next chapter, I will explain how Osanai was appeared to the story and how he almost died.

[Tokyo Revengers] Nobutaka Osanai was seriously injured and nearly death.

In the story, Moebius, led by Nobutaka Osanai, lynched Pah-chin’s best friend, and even attacked his girlfriend and family.

This made Pah-chin lose his temper, and Tokyo Manji gang decided to fight against Moebius.

And while Mikey and the others were having a strategy meeting, Moebius attacked them.

Osanai is overpowered by Pah-chin.

Osanai is overpowered by Pah-chin.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Mikey and his friends were having a strategy meeting when the Moebius came in and suddenly a fight broke out.

Pah-chin, who has a grudge against Moebius, represents the group and challenged Osanai.

But Osanai has a background in boxing and is older and stronger than Pah-chin, overpowered Pah-chin.

In the end, Pah-chin was unable to hit a single shot on Osanai and was beaten to a pulp, leaving him standing and unconscious.

Osanai is KO’d by Mikey in one shot.

Osanai is KO'd by Mikey in one shot.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Mikey approached Osanai, and when Osanai was about to say “I’ll kill you in 10 seconds“, Mikey kicked him in the temple and KO’d him in one shot.

Osanai’s body was much bigger than Mikey’s, he must have been nearly 6 feet tall, but in front of Mikey’s attack, the size difference was irrelevant.

Osanai tried to attack Mikey with a broken bottle, but is knocked out by Draken’s knee kick.

(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

After Mikey’s high kick, a surprisingly stubborn Osanai attacked Mikey with a broken bottle of sake.

Draken intervened and kicked him in the knee to end the fight. This calmness, even against an opponent with a deadly weapon, is completely beyond the junior high schoolers.

Mikey and Draken are the top two in Tokyo Manji gang, and their strength and dignity are unparalleled.

Pah-chin stabs Nobutaka Osanai.

Pah-chin stabs Nobutaka Osanai.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Mikey’s high kick sealed the deal, and  giving Tokyo Manji gang the complete victory.

This was supposed to be the end of the fight, but Pah-chin, who had lost his best friend, was so mad that he had to kill Osanai, and stabbed him.


After this, the police rushed to the scene, and Pah-chin stayed there and surrendered himself, was arrested, and was imprisoned in a juvenile reformatory for about one year.

Osanai, who was also stabbed, was in a critical condition, but survived.

After this, Osanai didn’t appear for a while, and then he reappeared just before the “Bloody Halloween“.

[Tokyo Revengers] Nobutaka Osanai does not die! He retired from biker gang!

[Tokyo Revengers] Nobutaka Osanai does not die! He retired from biker gang!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Osanai was knocked down by Mikey, kicked in the knee by Draken and stabbed by Pah-chin, but he did not die and recovered safely.

Then Moebius was dismantled and Osanai retired from the biker gang.


In the 47th chapter of the 6th volume of the manga, Osanai’s retirement is depicted and he starts working as a carpenter’s apprentice.

Maybe it’s because he’s seen the monster that is Mikey and Draken and it’s become ridiculous to fight with them.

[Tokyo Revengers] Does Nobutaka Osanai of die in the future?

At the time of Takemichi’s time leap 12 years ago, Osanai did not die, but survived.

In the future after that, Osanai would have survived, as he is a person who has nothing to do with Tokyo Manji gang.


[Tokyo Revengers] Does Nobutaka Osanai of die in the future?(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Incidentally, before the future was changed to “Draken dies in the battole of 8/3“, an adult version of Osanai appeared in the 13th episode of volume 2 of the manga.

At that time, Osanai was working as a construction site worker, and he was always apologizing to the foreman when he got angry, which was unthinkable from the past Osanai.


Osanai felt a little guilty about the battle of 8/3 in which Draken died, and this may have influenced his weak character.

However, since the world has changed since Draken’s death, it is possible that Osanai’s situation in the future has also changed slightly.

That’s because he was working as a carpenter’s apprentice in chapter 47 of volume 6 of the manga, so in the latest future he might be shouting at people as a carpenter’s master.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo Revengers] Nobutaka Osanai is in death? The situation of Moebius afterwards!”

In this article, I explained about Nobutaka Osanai of Tokyo Revengers, whether he died in the story or not, his subsequent development and his future situation.

Osanai only appears in a very limited number of scenes in Tokyo Revengers, but he is a memorable character as he is involved in Peh-chin’s arrest.

Hopefully he’ll make a return appearance somewhere in the future.

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