[Tokyo revengers] Mikey is cute! What does the 48 basic technique mean?

[Tokyo Revengers] Mikey is cute. Mikey(Manjiro Sano)

This article is about Mikey, aka Manjiro Sano from Tokyo Revengers, his cute scenes, quotes and the meaning of the 48 basic technique.

Mikey is the symbol of strength in the story of Tokyo Revengers, and as the president of Tokyo Manji gang, he is a man who always shows his strength.

On the other hand, there are also some cute scenes in the manga, and this gap is the reason why Mikey is so popular.

First of all, let’s take a look at Mikey’s cute scenes in the manga.

What you can learn from this article
  • Mikey’s cute scenes and quotes
  • Mikey’s true nature

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo revengers] List of Mikey’s cute scenes!

In Tokyo Revengers, Mikey is a charismatic figure who is admired by the delinquents of this era.

He is a charismatic figure who is admired by the delinquents of this era, so if you think about it, you would expect Mikey to be full of cool scenes rather than cute scenes, but there are many scenes where Mikey is known to be cute.

Here, you can see some of Mikey’s most famous scenes, in order of their cuteness.

By the way, there is also a scene where Mikey suddenly said “the 48 basic technique“.

Mikey’s cute scene: First appearance while eating dorayaki (vol.1, chapter 3)

Mikey's cute scene: First appearance while eating dorayaki (vol.1, chapter 3)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Mikey’s first appearance in Tokyo Revengers was in chapter 3 of volume 1 of the manga, when Takemichi was being beaten up by Kiyomasa.

When Draken appeared, the atmosphere instantly changed, and Mikey appeared behind him, causing the members of Tokyo Manji gang suddenly break into a huddle.

Mikey has a cute smile on his face and says something like “Dorayaki is gone.” with zero tension, but he also shows a scary side by beating up Kiyomasa with a smile right after this.

Mikey’s cutest scene: Just kidding (vol.1, chapter 5)

Mikey's cutest scene: Just kidding (vol.1, chapter 5)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 5 of volume 1 of the manga, Mikey and Draken barge into Takemichi’s school and take him away, but Hina recklessly slaps Mikey and tries to bring him back.

Mikey pretends to be pissed and says “How do you want to die?”. And when Takemichi says “Won’t lay a hand on Hina”, Mikey says “I don’t give a damn about her” and he is about to hit him.

But Mikey doesn’t hit him and says, “Just kidding”.

Mikey and his friends were just testing Takemichi, but Takemichi must have been ready to die because Mikey, who is always undefeated, set up the surprise.

Mikey’s cute scene: A flag is essential for kids meal (vol.2, chapter 12)

Mikey's cute scene: A flag is essential for kids meal (vol.2, chapter 12)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 12 of volume 2 of the manga, Takemichi is following Draken to stop the internal conflict, and Mikey’s unexpected life is revealed in the process.

  • He gets upset when he doesn’t have a flag for his kids meal.
  • When Draken puts up a replacement flag, he’s in a good mood.
  • He falls asleep the moment he finishes eating.

This is just a child, and it’s a cute side of Mikey that he never shows to anyone but Draken and Emma.

Mikey’s cute (?) scene: “the 48 basic technique” (Vol 2, chapter 12.5)

Mikey's cute (?) scene: (C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 12.5(extra chapter) of volume 2, we see Draken and Mikey’s first encounter.

They met when they were the 5th grade of elementary school student. Then the junior high school student in charge of the area ordered Draken to “Bring Mikey to me”.

Mikey had become a celebrity at the age of 11 years old when he beat up the captain of “Vatican” gang, and Draken went to meet him, looking forward to seeing what he was like.

And when he met him, Mikey, who was much smaller than Draken and just a cute schoolboy, said to him

How many of the 48 basic techniques can you do?

He is talking about the basic arts of Sumo. For Japanese Sumo, there so many techniques to beat opponent, its number is 48.

Mikey’s cute scene: Tears at Draken’s survival (vol. 4, chapter 28)

Mikey's cute scene: Tears at Draken's survival (vol. 4, chapter 28)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

During the battle of 8/3, Draken was stabbed by Kiyomasa, and was then taken away by ambulance, but went into cardiopulmonary arrest during the transport.

In chapter 28 of volume 4 of the manga, Draken’s surgery was performed, and the members of Tokyo Manji gang were overjoyed when it was successful.

And Mikey, who had been so resolute up until then, broke down in tears at the back of the empty hospital, happy that Draken was safe.

Mikey never shows his weakness in front of the Tokyo Manji gang members, but this was the one moment where he was able to release all his tension.

Mikey’s cute scene: Boo (vol. 5, chapter 36)

Mikey's cute scene: Boo (vol. 5, chapter 36)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 36 of volume 5 of the manga, Takemichi was just in a public bath when he had a time leap.

And when he sees the bubbles in front of him, Mikey appears, saying “Boo”.

It’s this gap between the seriousness of the battle and the cute smile that makes Mikey so popular.

Mikey’s cute scene: Little Mikey (vol. 14, chapter 123)

In chapter 123 of volume 14 of the manga, we see Mikey’s childhood.

It was during this time that Emma’s mother told Emma that her mum was going away, and Emma was taken in by Sano family with Mikey.

Emma was smart enough to understand that she had been abandoned at a very young age, and when she was first taken in she did not smile at all.

Also she felt lonely because her name is not like Japanese.

So Mikey sees this, he says, “From now on, I’m Mikey“.

Since then, Emma has become a part of the Sano family and has become the younger sister of both Shinichiro and Mikey.

It’s a cute scene with little Mikey and Emma, and it’s a great scene that shows why these two siblings are so close.

Mikey’s cute scene: The invincible Mikey…? (vol. 16, chapter 136)

Mikey's cute scene: The invincible Mikey...? (vol. 16, chapter 136)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Probably Mikey’s most cute scene in the manga is his waking scene in volume 16, chapter 136.

On the very next page, Mikey wakes up with a tattered blanket and shaggy hair, saying “Food…”.

As Emma later says, Mikey only shows this kind of childlike cuteness in front of Emma and Draken, and never to the members of Tokyo Manji gang.

If you just look at him like this, he doesn’t look like the charismatic delinquent of the whole country.

[Tokyo revengers]Mikey is usually cute? Only Emma knows his true nature!

We’ve been talking about Mikey’s cute scenes in the manga, but one of the most shocking was the scene where he wakes up from sleep in chapter 136 of volume 16 of the manga.

Then, in the manga volume 17, chapter 146, Emma mentions it and says,

  • Mikey only shows his strength in front of people.
  • But the truth is that he’s a weak boy who can’t sleep unless he’s holding a used terrycloth.
  • When the tension is broken, he’s just like any other boy

The only time Mikey shows his weaknesses and cute scenes is in front of Emma, and conversely, Emma is the one Mikey completely trusts.

That’s why Emma’s death at the hands of Tetta Kisaki is a major cause of Mikey’s subsequent fall to the dark side.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo revengers] Mikey is cute! What does the 48 basic technique mean?”

In this article, we’ve talked about Mikey, aka Manjiro Sanoof the Tokyo Revengers, his cute scenes, quotes and comments about the 48 basic techniques.

Basically, Mikey is always cool during the battles, but in his daily life, you can see his cute scenes everywhere.

We hope Mikey’s smiling face can be seen in the future, even after he becomes an adult!

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