Tokyo Revengers, Mikey death? He falls to dark side everytime!

[Tokyo Revengers] Mikey's death scenes Mikey(Manjiro Sano)

This article explains the death of Manjiro Sano (Mikey), the president of Tokyo Manji gang (Toman) in Tokyo Revengers, and why he fell to dark side.

In Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi makes a number of time leaps to alter the past and then returns to the present day to check his answers.

But one of these times, Mikey dies.

First of all, let’s take a closer look at Mikey’s death, how it happened and why he died.

What you can learn from this article
  • Mikey’s death scene and reasons for his death
  • Why Mikey fell to dark side
  • Likelihood of Mikey’s death in the future

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo Revengers] Mikey dies? Death scene and cause of death explained!

First of all, I would like to explain how and why Mikey got death in the future due to Takemichi’s time leap.

Takemichi repeats timelapse many times in the story, and changes the past little by little while discussing with Naoto Tachibana in the future, but Mikey’s death is only one of them.

The result of Takemichi’s 7th time leap is the worst so far (chapter 116 of volume 13)

In the chapter 116 of the 13th volume of the manga, Takemichi came back from his 7th time leap.

In his 7th time leap, he prevented Taiju Shiba from being killed, and also succeeded in driving Tetta Kisaki out of Tokyo Manjikai.

Tetta Kisaki was the source of the corruption of Toman, and getting rid of Tetta Kisaki in the past seemed to settle the matter, but it turned out to be the worst ending ever.

All of Tokyo Manjikai’s leaders are killed by Mikey (chapter 116, volume 13)

In the chapter 116 of the 13th volume of the manga, the result of the 7th time leap to alter the past is described.

  • Chifuyu Matsuno was shot to death
  • Hakkai Shiba was burnt to death
  • Takashi Mitsuya was strangled to death
  • Ken Ryuguji was slashed to death
  • Kazutora Hanemiya was murdered
  • Haruki Hayashida was murdered
  • Other members were murdered
  • Manjiro Sano (Mikey) Wanted as a suspect

All of the main members of Tokyo Manji gang had been killed, and Mikey was the suspect in the murders.

Takemichi then flew to Manila in the Philippines, based on the address on the letter that he thought Mikey had sent him.

Takemchi meets Mikey again in the Philippines (chapter 116, volume 13)

Takemichi went to an abandoned building on the outskirts of Manila in the Philippines and found Mikey there, in dark side with black hair.

At first Takemichi is relieved to see that Mikey’s appearance has changed somewhat since 12 years ago, but his eyes and atmosphere are just like Mikey himself.

Mikey began to talk about the Tokyo Manji gang of old, and one disturbing word after another came out of his mouth.

  • Takemichi has left Tokyo Manji gang.
  • Mikey couldn’t stop becoming less and less him.
  • He killed all the members of Tokyo Manji gang.

After talking for a while, Mikey asks Takemichi to “kill me”.

Incidentally, Mikey’s words of “becoming less and less me” is a foreshadowing that will continue until later, expressing the darkness of Mikey.

Mikey is killed by a bullet from Naoto Tachibana (chapter 119, volume 14)

Mikey is killed by a bullet from Naoto Tachibana (chapter 119, volume 14)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Mikey gives Takemichi a gun and tells him to kill him, but Takemichi can’t do that, so Mikey points the gun at Takemichi’s face.

However, the gun Mikey was holding at the time had a safety on it and Mikey had no intention of killing Takemichi.

Naoto Tachibana rushed to the scene. Unaware that Mikey’s gun had a safety on it, Naoto thought that Takemichi was about to be killed and shot Mikey in the head.

Just before he dies, Mikey says, “My life has been nothing but suffering”, which is a testament to the brutality of the last 12 years.

This was Mikey’s first death scene in the Tokyo Revengers.

[Tokyo Revengers] Why did Mikey fall to dark side? What happened before his death?

So far, we have explained how and why Mikey died in the end.

Mikey has fallen to dark side in each of his previous timelapses, and even after his 7th timelapse, Mikey still fell to dark side even though the Tokyo Manji gang organization disappeared.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why Mikey has been in dark side every time, based on the descriptions in the manga.

Emma’s death at the hands of Tetta Kisaki (chapter 148, volume 17)

Up until now, Takemichi has been running around trying to keep Mikey from falling into the darkness, trying to keep Mikey’s best friend Draken from dying, and trying to get Tetta Kisaki kicked out of Tokyo Manji gang.

But in fact, the person who understands Mikey more than Draken is his sister-in-law Emma, and in front of Emma he shows a disheveled appearance that he wouldn’t show to the members of Tokyo Manji gang.

In the chapter 146 of the 17th volume of the manga, Takemichi feels that Emma’s presence is supporting Mikey, but at the same time, he suddenly wonders, “Why did modern Mikey fall to dark side when Emma is there?”.


[Tokyo Revengers] Why did Mikey fall to dark side? What happened before his death?(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Then Tetta Kesaki approaches on Hanma’s motorbike at high speed. Takemichi thinks that he is the target and guards himself, but in fact, Tetta Kesaki’s target is Emma.

He hits Emma on the head with a baseball bat as they pass each other on their bikes, and then leaves.

In the chapter 148 of the 17th volume of the manga, Mikey carries Emma on his back and takes her to the hospital, but she dies on the way.

Did Emma die in any of the previous timelapses?

Emma’s death was first mentioned in chapter 148 of the 17th volume of the manga, but Takemichi has never seen Emma in his many time leaps back to the future.

Since Takemichi never had the idea of meeting Emma in the first place, he never had the chance to meet her, but since Mikey has fallen to the dark side each time, it is assumed that Emma has died in each of his previous timelapses.

Is the reason for Mikey’s falling dark side “Emma’s death” and “Dark impulsivity”?

Is the reason for Mikey's falling dark side (C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

The main reason for Mikey’s dark descent so far is not only “Emma’s death”, but also the feeling that “I am becoming less and less” that Mikey describes in the Philippines after Takemichi’s 7th time leap.

In chapter 200, Mikey calls this feeling “Dark impulsivity“.

it seems that “Dark impulsivity” is the reason why he killed Kazutora in the past before the alteration, and why he killed all the members of Tokyo Manji gang after the 7th time leap.

And so far, the three people who have helped Mikey suppress his “Dark impulsivity” are these three people.

  • His elder brother: Shinichiro Sano
  • His younger sister: Emma Sano
  • His childhood friend: Keisuke Baji

However, all three have died in the past and cannot be saved by Takemichi’s time leap, so the only way to deal with Mikey’s “Dark impulsivity” is to

  • Find someone who can control Mikey’s “Dark impulsivity”.
  • Revive the person who can control Mikey’s “Dark impulsivity”
  • Eliminate the “Dark impulsivity” itself

There is only one way to do this.

[Tokyo Revengers] Will Mikey die in the future? Darkness falls again in Bonten!

Takemichi crushes Tenjiku in his 9th time leap, and returns to the future after Mikey has disbanded Tokyo Manji gang, where the members of Tokyo Manji gang are alive and well.

However, Mikey is once again the only one who has fallen to the dark side, and instead of Tokyo Manji gang, he has become the leader of a dark organization called “Bonten“.

Bonten” is the corrupt Tokyo Manji gang itself, and in the end, the organization has changed, but Mikey’s dark fall has not been prevented.

It will be interesting to see if Takemichi is able to prevent Mikey from falling into the darkness, or if it will end with Mikey’s death.

Conclusion of “Tokyo Revengers, Mikey death? He falls to dark side everytime!”

You saw the death of Manjiro Sano (Mikey), the president of Tokyo Manji gang (Toman) in Tokyo Revengers, and why he fell to dark side.

The ending of Mikey’s future is the most important part of Tokyo Revengers, and it has never had a happy ending.

Hopefully Mikey will have a future where he doesn’t fall to dark side or die in the future.

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