[Tokyo Revengers] Middle school (junior high) characters list! How old are they?

[Tokyo Revengers] Middle school (junior high) characters list! How old are they? Profiles and list

This article will explain the list of middle school (junior high school) characters that appear in Tokyo Revengers.

The main characters in Tokyo Revengers are junior high school students, including the main character Takemichi.

However, there are some things that they say and do that are not typical of junior high school students.

Let’s start with a list of the characters who appear in Tokyo Revengers.

What you can learn from this article
  • The list of middle school characters in Tokyo Revengers
  • The unreasonable scenes of junior high school students in the story

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[Tokyo Revengers] Almost characters are middle schooler(junior high schooler)!

[Tokyo Revengers] Almost characters are middle schooler(junior high schooler)!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Takemichi, the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers, time leap to 12 years ago.

Takemichi is the second year of middle school (junior high school) student at this time, Mikey, the president of Tokyo Manji gang, and Draken, the vice president, are in the third year of middle school.

And the other characters of Tokyo Manji gang are mainly middle school students.

Although there are some high school students like Mucho or the other team members, most of the characters are actually middle school students.

They don’t look like children when you see what they do and say in everyday life.

[Tokyo Revengers] List of Middle schooler(junior high schooler) characters! (As of 2005-2006)

Here is a list of the characters in Tokyo Revengers who are actually in middle school as of 2005-2006.

At least for the main characters of Tokyo Manji gang, most of them are middle high school students, and only some of them, such as Mucho, are older than junior high school students.


By the way, even if there is no clear reference to the age of a character, we’ve estimated their age by “whether they use honorifics with their seniors“.

For example for Smiley,

  • Takemichi and Chifuyu use honorifics with Smiley.
  • Takashi Mitsuya and Smiley don’t use honorifics each other.

So we can assume that Smiley is the third year middle school student who is on the same age as Takashi Mitsuya.

Then there is no mention of Kakucho’s age, but since he is a childhood friend of Takemichi’s and doesn’t use honorifices, we assume that he is the same age as Takemichi.

3rd year middle school student
Manjiro Sano
Ken Ryuguji
Keisuke Baji Takashi Mitsuya
Haruki Hayashida Kazutora Hanemiya Nahoya Kawata Soya Kawata
Ryohei Hayashi
Masataka Shimizu
Yuzuha Shiba
2nd year middle school student
Takemichi Hanagaki Chifuyu Matsuno Hakkai Shiba
Atsushi Sendo Takuya Yamamoto Makoto Suzuki Kazushi Yamagishi
Hinata Tachibana Emma Sano Tetta Kisaki Kakucho
1st year middle school student
Naoto Tachibana


[Tokyo Revengers] Is it unreasonable for the characters to be middle school(junior high school) students? How old are they?

So far, we’ve introduced you to some of the middle school characters in Tokyo Revengers.

Some of them are clearly too young to be in middle school, although some of them, such as Takemichi, are fit for their age.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the scenes where it’s impossible for the characters in Tokyo Revengers to be in middle school.

They’re too big for middle schooler!

They're too big for middle schooler in Tokyo Revengers!!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

One of the most unique features of middle schoolers in Tokyo Revengers is their size of body. Draken is a good example, so he is 185cm tall and extremely muscular body.

Draken is one year older than Takemichi, so he’s in the third year of middle school, but he’s so fit that you’d think he was an adult fighter.


Mikey is short, but has an incredible strong body.

So as the level of Mikey’s strength, his body size and muscle is overwhelming.

They have too much power!

They have too much power in Tokyo Revengers!!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

This also mainly applies to Mikey and Draken, but both of them have power that is so unbelievable for middle school students.

This is particularly evident in the “Bloody Halloween” fight against Valhalla, where Draken blasted Shuji Hanma over 10 metres with a straight right hand.

Shuji Hanma is 192cm tall and weighs 79kg, which is not exactly light.

Hanma probably flew backwards to escape Draken’s unbelievable power, but it is still very destructive.


It's no wonder Mikey's opponents are always KO'd at the first sight of his unbelievable power.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

But even more powerful than Draken’s unconventional power is Mikey, aka Manjiro Sano, who in “Bloody Halloween” instantly defeated both of his opponents with a high kick.

If a human being clings to one leg, he would normally be unable to move, but Mikey kicked them and the other person over is beyond human.

It’s no wonder Mikey’s opponents are always KO’d at the first sight of his unbelievable power.

They are too much mature!

Up to this point, we have been talking about their strength and power, but there are also descriptions of their mentality and personalities that you would not expect from a middle school student.

Draken, who was only in the third year of middle school at the time, has some words of wisdom that are on the level of an experienced teacher.


They are too much mature in Tokyo Revengers!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Here’s a particularly famous quote from Draken to Mikey in the 12th chapter of volume 2 of the manga.

You don’t even have to vow.
Just care about others.
Have a heart.

In this scene, Pah-chin’s best friend’s girlfriend is in the intensive care unit, and Mikey and Draken are being abused by her father.

Of course, Mikey and Draken hadn’t done anything to deserve this, so it was a bit of a tit for tat, but even in this situation, Draken kept his head down and said this quote to Mikey.


It’s a quote that probably struck a chord with every reader of Tokyo Revengers, and at the same time made them feel like they weren’t in middle school.

They ride a motorbike so much!

They ride a motorbike so much in Tokyo Revengers!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Almost all the characters in Tokyo Revengers belong to some kind of biker gang team, and of course they often ride motorbikes.

To top it all off, in the 62nd chapter of the 8th volume of the manga, when the Tokyo Manji gang was founded, Draken and his friends were riding around on bikes with no helmet at the age of 12 or 13.

It’s this kind of wildness that makes him the epitome of a delinquent.

They’re fighting for their lives!

They're fighting for their lives in Tokyo Revengers!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

The main event of Tokyo Revengers is a battle between the teams.

And it’s not just a brawl without weapons, but with weapons such as iron pipes, knives, daggers and even pistols.


In particular, the suicide scene of Keisuke Baji in “Bloody Halloween” is one of the most shocking scenes in Tokyo Revengers, and it goes beyond a fight between middle school students.

Furthermore, in “Kanto Incident”, Izana Kurokawa was shot dead protecting Kakucho, and Tetta Kisaki who escaped was hit by a truck and died.

So the battle in Tokyo Revengers is basically horrible.

[Tokyo Revengers] In the final Arc, the characters have grown from middle school students to high school students!

[Tokyo Revengers] In the final Arc, the characters have grown from middle school students to high school students!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

From chapter 207 of volume 24 of the manga is the final Arc of Tokyo Revengers, set in the world of 2008, more than two years after the “Kanto Incident”.

Therefore, Takemichi is in his second year of high school, and all the characters who were in middle school at the time have grown up to be high school students or older.

The fact that they’ve grown up since their middle school days in Tokyo Manji gang makes their age-inappropriate quotes and fights seem a little less strange.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo Revengers] Middle school (junior high) characters list! How old are they?”

In this article, I have explained the list of middle school characters in Tokyo Revengers and how they are portrayed as being unreasonable.

Draken and Mikey are the ones who are the most unlike junior high school students in many ways, and Mitsuya’s saintly personality also stands out.

With so many talented people, Tokyo Manji gang must be very strong.


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