[Tokyo Revengers] Kazutora’s bike/motorcycle is cool! Here is the price and exhaust sound!

[Tokyo Revengers] Kazutora's bike/motorcycle is cool! Here is the price and exhaust sound! Kazutora Hanemiya

This article will introduce the details of Kazutora Hanemiya‘s bike/motor cycle, “Rocket” (KAWASAKI KH400).

Kazutora appears as a member of the enemy team of Takemichi and his friends in Tokyo Revengers.

After that, he is arrested and imprisoned for a long time, so he doesn’t appear in many scenes, but he often appears in reminiscence scenes.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Kazutora’ bike.

What you can learn from this article
  • The actual picture and exhaust sound of Kazutora Hamiya’s motorcycle
  • The price and specification of Kazutora’s motorcycle
  • A list of scenes where Kazutora rides his bike in the story

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo Revengers] Kazutora Hanemiya’s bike/motorcycle is “Rocket” (KAWASAKI KH400)!

[Tokyo Revengers] Kazutora Hanemiya's bike/motorcycle is (C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Tokyo Revengers’ Kazutora Hanemiya’s favourite bike is the Kawasaki KH400, also known as “Rocket“.

The bike has a thunderous exhaust sound, especially at high revs, which is described as “rumble rumble rumble” in the manga.

That’s why it was loved by many gangs, and many people’s blood boils when they hear the word “Rocket”.

By the way, Kazutora appears from “Bloody Halloween”, but after the war he is arrested and leaves the story, so he has very few scenes on his bike.

[Tokyo Revengers] Exhaust sound of Kazutora Hanemiya’s bike/motorcycle “Rocket” (KAWASAKI KH400)in a video!

Here is a video of the actual exhaust sound of the KH400 (ROocket). This is a female rider who is riding Ketch in a very cool way.

In the middle of the video, you can hear the engine start and idle, and at around 3:40 of the video, the bike starts to run.

It’s cool to see her riding it with the exhilarating exhaust sound.

[Tokyo Revengers] The real picture of Kazutora Hanemiya’s bike/motorcycle “Rocket” (KAWASAKI KH400)!

Here are some real images of KH400 (Rocket).

The ketch in the previous video and in this image is the normal state, but the “Rocket” of Ittora has a rocket cowl installed like a biker gang.

In addition to the original manga and anime, Tokyo Revengers has also been made into a live-action film.

If there is a live-action sequel in the future, we may see Ketch in a live-action version of Kazutora’s Rocket

[Tokyo Revengers] How much is the price of Kazutora Hanemiya’s bike/motorcycle “Rocket” (KAWASAKI KH400)?

As for the price of Rocket (Kawasaki KH400), it changes greatly by the mileage, the year, the inspection, and the state of the insurance.

If it is a cheap thing, there is it from about 1,800,000 yen(about 18,000 dollars) to the thing of 3,300,000-3,800,000 yen(about 33,000 – 38000 dollars) if it is a high thing.

After all, it is said that a motorbike is a lifelong hobby, and the price is high.

Length 2035 mm
Width 810 mm
Height 1130 mm
Wheelbase 1365 mm
Weight 178 kg
Displacement 400 cc
Fuel consumption 39 km/L


[Tokyo Revengers] List of scenes in which Rocket (Kawasaki KH400) is ridden by Kazutora Hanemiya.

Now that we’ve explained about Kazutora Hamiya’s beloved bike/motorcycle, the KH400 (Rocket), let’s take a look at the scenes in which he actually rides it in Tokyo Revengers.

As mentioned above, he is arrested after the “Bloody Halloween”, so he doesn’t have many scenes in which he rides the ketch, and is mainly depicted in reminiscences of the past.

First appearance of Rocket (vol.2, chapter 10)

First appearance of Rocket (vol.2, chapter 10)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

The first time we see Kazutora riding a Rocket is in chapter 10 of volume 2 of the manga, shortly after the founding of the Tokyo Manji gang.

The founding members of Tokyo Manji gang are touring in Kanagawa, and Kazutora is riding his ketch with its distinctive exhaust sound (Kazutora is on the left in the image above).

Rocket is the best in the universe? (vol 8, chapter 63)

Rocket is the best in the universe? (vol 8, chapter 63)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

The past episode is also told in the 63rd chapter of the 8th volume of the manga, and in this episode, the story of the day when Tokyo Manji gang was founded was described.

This is also one of the few scenes where Kazutora rides a Rocket.

On the way to the Musashi Shrine, where the members always hang out, Keisuke Baji says “My Goki is the best in Tokyo.“, and the other members start to argue with him, saying “My Zephyr is the best in Japan.” and “My Impulse is the best in the world.“.

In the end, Kazutora said “My Rocket is the best in the universe.“, which shows that they are all children.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo Revengers] Kazutora’s bike/motorcycle is cool! Here is the price and exhaust sound!”

In this article, we introduced the actual picture of Rocet (KAWASAKI KH400), the favorite bike of Kazutora Hanemiya.

The main story of Tokyo Revengers is about bikers, so each character’s motorbike is portrayed with a lot of enthusiasm.

If you like motorbikes, you’ll enjoy reading about the other characters’ bikes too.

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