[Tokyo Revengers] Hinata and Takemichi will get married? Their kiss, dump and wedding!

[Tokyo Revengers] Hinata will marry Takemichi? Hinata Tachibana

This article will explain the ending of Hinata Tachibana and Takemichi Hanagaki in Tokyo Revengers, and whether or not they will eventually get married.

In the future, when Hinata is still alive, she and Takemichi are lovers, and if things go in the right direction, they will naturally end up getting married.

Let’s take a closer look at the story of the Tokyo Revengers and see if Hinata and Takemichi really end up getting married.

What you can learn from this article
  • The story of Hinata and Takemichi’s marriage
  • When will Hinata and Takemichi get married?

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo Revengers] Will Hinata Tachibana marry Takemichi in the future? After he saved Hinata!

In the story of the Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi kept changing the past by going back in time to save Hinata.

After surviving the Kanto Incident, the world changed again and Hinata survived in the future.

Let’s find out if Takemichi and Hinata will get married in this world, and what happened to them.

Hinata kissed Takemichi!

Hinata kissed Takemichi!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the 20th chapter of the 3rd volume of the manga, Hinata kissed Takemichi.

At that time, Takemichi was beaten up by Kiyomasa and his cronies, so he felt dispair that he can’t do anything.

But then Hinata didn’t say anything and kissed Takemichi to encourage him.


Takemichi and Hinata have been good relation from the beginning, their bond became much stronger for this scene.

Takemichi dumped Hinata!

Takemichi dumped Hinata!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the 91st chapter of the 11th volume of the manga, Takemichi dumped Hinata all of a sudden.

Actually Takemichi still loved Hinata though, Hinata’s father, Masato begged Takemichi to end up with Hinata beforehand.

The reason of that is not to involve Hinata into tha battle or any other dangerous event.

Takemichi still loved Hinata a lot though, he understood Masato’s idea, so he dumped her after all.


However, Takemichi and Hinata got back together after the battle of Christmas.

Throughout this event, Takemichi and Hinata’s relation was going better.

Takemichi proposed to Hinata.

In the 191st chapter of the 22nd volume of the manga, Takemichi proposed to Hinata after “Kanto Incident”.

On this day, Takemichi was actually in a hurry because he forgot to give Hinata her White Day gift and was about to carry out Chifuyu’s “T2D2 (Time Travel Doki Doki Plan)”.

However, after witnessing the deaths of Emma and Tetta Kisaki before and after the Kanto Incident, Hinata was convinced that they might have died because of her, and frankly, she was not in the right state of mind for White Day.


Takemichi proposed to Hinata.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

So Takemichi interrupted “Operation T2D2” and gave Hinata the ring without any tricks.

So please,
Marry me!

and promised to marry her in 12 years.

Hinata and Takemichi are about to get married in 2018

Hinata and Takemichi are about to get married in 2018(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

12 years after Takemichi’s proposal to Hinata, Hinata is still alive and Takemichi and Hinata have always been lovers.

In this world, the date of Takemichi and Hinata’s wedding has already been set, and Takashi Mitsuya has tailored Takemichi’s dinner jacket and Hinata’s wedding dress.


Takemichi and Hinata are still waiting for their wedding, but Mikey, who is the only thing left in Takemichi’s heart, is still in the darkness.

[Tokyo Revengers] Will Hinata (Tachibana Hyuga) marry Takemichi in the final episode of Tokyo Revengers?

[Tokyo Revengers] Will Hinata (Tachibana Hyuga) marry Takemichi in the final episode of Tokyo Revengers?(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Takemichi’s wedding was in three days, but Mikey had become the leader of a criminal organization called “Bonten“, and Takemichi couldn’t leave Mikey alone, so he went to see him.

However, as soon as Takemichi met the fallen Mikey, he is hit by three bullets in his right chest, left chest and stomach, and just as Hinata had described as “bad luck”, Takemichi was fatally wounded just before his wedding.


After shooting Takemichi, Mikey tries to kill himself by jumping off the roof of the building, but Takemichi grabs Mikey’s hand and stops him from falling.

Then Mikey’s hand triggered Takemichi to make his tenth time leap. If the time leap had not been triggered, Takemichi would have surely died.


Thus, the wedding with Hinata is postponed until the end of the mission in the final Arc.

I hope that Takemichi and Hinata’s wedding will happen in the last chapter, and that Mikey will be there.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo Revengers] Hinata and Takemichi will get married? Their kiss, dump and wedding!”

In this article, we have explained the ending of Hinata Tachibana and Takemichi, and whether or not they will eventually get married.

In the story of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi’s goal was to save Hinata, but his marriage to Hinata is the ultimate goal.

Hopefully, Takemichi and Hinata will have a happy ending to their wedding.

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