[Tokyo Revengers] Emma’s cute scene! She’s an sexy girl with great style!

[Tokyo Revengers] Emma's cute scenes. Emma Sano

This article is all about Emma Sano from Tokyo Revengers and her cute scenes in the story.

Emma is one of the cutest girls in Tokyo Revengers, along with Hinata, and she is the key to preventing Mikey from falling into darkness.

We’ve put together a list of Emma’s cutest scenes from the series, and we’ll explain them in order.

What you can learn from this article
  • Emma’s great style
  • Emma’s cute scenes in the manga

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo Revengers] Emma is a beautifully cute girl big tits!

[Tokyo Revengers] Emma is a beautifully cute girl big tits!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Emma makes her first appearance in chapter 9 of volume 2 of the manga.

When Takemichi is sent back in time from the future, he finds an unfamiliar pretty girl in her underwear riding on top of him, and Takemichi is just about to experience the stairs to adulthood at the age of 14.

With her foreign-looking face and her big-breasted, stylized body, she doesn’t look to be Takemichi’s age at a quick glance.

Emma’s first appearance was like this, so there were many voices from the fans like “Sexy and cute” and “Erotic scene of Tokyo Revengers“.

But after this, her impression changes to “pure girl” from her feelings for Draken and cute words and actions.

[Tokyo Revengers] List of Emma’s cute scenes in Tokyo Revengers

Let’s take a look at some of Emma’s cutest scenes in Tokyo Revengers, in order.

Emma is a character that has a lot to do with Tokyo Manji gang, so she appears frequently, and she has a lot of cute scenes, especially with Draken.

No way, boobs scene! (vol.2 chapter 9-10)

No way, boobs scene of Emma! (vol.2 chapter 9-10)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

As I mentioned at the beginning, Emma’s first appearance is in chapter 9 of volume 2, right after Takemichi’s time leap, and she appears in her underwear.

When Emma’s eyes meet Takemichi’s, she gives him a warning with a cute smile and says,

No kissing.

and Takemichi says in his mind, “What else is on the menu?”.

When he said “menu”, I think he thought it was some kind of service.

“Yo! lil’ coward!” (Vol. 2, chapter 10)

Emma (C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Unbeknownst to him, Takemichi was about to climb the stairs to adulthood when he escaped from a karaoke bar and was later summoned by Draken to a Tokyo Manji gang meeting.

Then, in the 10th chapter of the second volume of the manga, he meets Emma again, whom he just saw in her underwear.

Lil coward!

Hina, of course, heard her and asked “Who are you talking about? Who’s lil coward?” and then she punches Takemichi in the face without asking any questions.

Emma wants Draken to be jealous of her. (vol. 2, chapter 11)

As for why Emma was riding Takemichi in her underwear, in chapter 11 of volume 2 of the manga, Emma says that she just wanted to grow up fast.

In the end, Emma just wanted Draken to be jealous of her, so she asked him out with any guy she could find, even Takemichi.

Emma’s love for Draken is so cute, but she’s also so out of control for her love.

Emma looks so cute in a yukata. (vol. 2, chapter 18-19)

Emma looks so cute in a yukata. (vol. 2, chapter 18-19)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 18 and 19 of the second volume of the manga, we see Emma in a cute yukata. Emma has a foreign-looking face, but she looks great in a yukata alongside Hinata.

In this scene, after the fight between Mikey and Draken is over, everyone is at a festival called “Musashi-festival”.


By the way, Emma asks Draken “Look. Look. Isn’t my yukata adorable?“.

But Draken said “Ah? How the hell should I know?“.

I can’t imagine Draken being attracted to Emma’s yukata, but at least this doesn’t seem to be the reaction Emma is expecting.

Emma crys out when Draken’s surgery is successful. (vol. 4, chapter 28)

Emma crys out when Draken's surgery is successful. (vol. 4, chapter 28)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the middle of the festival, a war between the remnants of Tokyo Manji gang and Moebius begins, during which Draken is stabbed by Kiyomasa and becomes critically ill, and during the ambulance ride he goes into cardiopulmonary arrest.

In the 28th chapter of the 4th volume of the manga, Draken undergoes emergency surgery, but somehow survives.

Emma cries the moment she hears the result, which shows how worried she is about Draken.

“Hug me tight?” (Vol.8, chapter 66)

Emma (C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the manga volume 8, chapter 66, she hugs Mikey and says “I love you Mikey.” and “Hug me tight?“.

Takemichi witnessed such a decisive moment, and he feared that there would be an Armageddon between Mikey and Draken over Emma.

Incidentally, Hinata, who is into detective stories, joins them and follows Mikey and Emma.


Despite Takemichi’s worries, Emma and Mikey are on a date as if they were lovers, and when Hinata sees Emma’s cute smile, she declares, “Those are the eyes of someone in love!”.

As for Takemichi, by the way, he is glued not to Emma’s eyes but to her big tits, and when Hinata realizes this, she beats him up.

Emma smiles for Draken’s birthday present (vol.8, chapter 67)

Emma smiles for Draken's birthday present (vol.8, chapter 67)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

When Draken arrives at the scene of Emma and Mikey’s date, Takemichi goes “It’s all over…” and blows bubbles, but then it is revealed that Emma and Mikey are half-siblings.

Armageddon doesn’t happen as Takemichi feared, and Draken gives Emma a surprise birthday present and leaves.

It was a great scene with Emma’s cute smile and Draken’s handsome face.

Emma helps Hina When she’s in trouble. (vol.13, chapter 108)

Emma helps Hina When she's in trouble. (vol.13, chapter 108)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the 108th chapter of the 13th volume of the manga, Emma appears to Hinata, who is visiting a shrine even though it’s Christmas. Her winter outfit at this time is also cute.

In fact, just before the battle of Christmas, Hinata’s father, Masato Tachibana, contacted Takemichi and told him that he wanted him to leave Hinata.

Takemichi was repulsed at first, but then Masato said, “You are a delinquent. How can you be sure you won’t get Hinata involved?”

In the end, Takemichi dumped Hinata for her safety.

Then Hinata beats Takemichi to a pulp and leaves him, but she knows that her father is behind it.


When Hina is praying for Takemichi to come back to her at the shrine, Emma appears by chance and hears what happened and helps her to reconcile with Takemichi.

Emma crys when Hina and Takemichi get back together. (vol.13, chapter 108)

With Emma’s help, Takemichi, who has just finished the battle of Christmas in chapter 108 of volume 13 of the manga, comes face to face with Hinata.

And before Hinata says anything, Takemichi starts to cry and say “I can understand Hina’s father’s point of view”.

Even if you get run over by a truck,
No matter how many tries it takes,
I’ll save you!

Hina made up with him by saying, “Take me to the shrine on new year’s”.


Emma crys when Hina and Takemichi get back together. (vol.13, chapter 108)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Even Emma, who was watching it from the side, cried while saying “I’m so glad, Hinaaa!”.

“Your Emma?” (Vol.13, chapter 110)

In the 110th chapter of the 13th volume of the manga, there is a scene where everyone goes to pay a visit to a shrine for the first time, and Emma is wearing a cute furisode, Japanese traditional cloth.

Here, everyone writes their wishes on the ema (votive tablet), but Takemichi hides what he writes, which makes everyone curious, and in a panic, Takemichi throws the tablet away.


(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

From there, Takemichi’s ema went flying through the air and Emma was there when Takemichi shouted “Wait for me, my ema!“.

Emma is wondering that what he says, because his Japanese sounds like “My Emma!“.


By the way, Takemichi’s ema (votive tablet) says,

I hope to become a hero who can save everyone.

which is certainly something that would be ridiculed if everyone saw it.

However, as Takemichi is trying to save everyone by altering the past through time leaps, it is a very important wish.

Emma’s childhood (Vol.14, chapter 123)

In chapter 123 of volume 14 of the manga, we see the episode when Emma was taken in by the Sano family.

When Emma was first taken in, she didn’t smile at all because she understood that her name was “Emma”, which was different from others around her in Japan, and that she was abandoned by her mother.

In front of Manjiro, Emma cries a lot, talking about her mother who abandoned her, and Manjiro, who is always aloof, thinks of a way to cheer her up.


Emma's childhood (Vol.14, chapter 123)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

From now on, I’m “Mikey”
Now your big brother is called “Mikey”.
Now we both have foreign names, now you won’t feeel, alienated right?
So just call me Mikey, Emma.

Emma says to Mikey, “I don’t care about my name.”, but for the first time she shows a cute smile.

It’s a great scene that shows why Mikey and Emma have such a good relationship.

Date with Draken (Vol.14, chapter 123)

Emma went date with Draken (Vol.14, chapter 123)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

At the end of the 123rd chapter of the 14th volume of the manga, Emma and Mikey reminisce about their childhood, and Emma says that she has never felt lonely since then because Manjiro became “Mikey”.

It’s a relief to see her smiling and looking so cute as she goes to meet Draken for their date.

At this point, Emma and Draken are not lovers, but they are close enough to go out together.

Emma wearing apron looks shiny.(vol.16, chapter 136)

Emma wearing apron looks shiny.(vol.16, chapter 136)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In episode 136 of the 16th volume of the manga, Emma is shown wearing a cute apron.

This is one of those rare episodes where we get to see the Sano family in their daily life, as they are usually dressed for going out.

Mikey is obviously not the type of person who does housework, so it’s up to Emma to take care of the household in the Sano family.


Of course we get to see how cute Emma is, but we also get to see the absolutely invincible Mikey with his shaggy hair, saying “Food…” in his sleep.

It’s a look he wouldn’t show absolutely at a Tokyo Manji gang meeting, but that’s how much he’s forgiven Emma and the rest of his family.

Draken is here! (Vol.16, chapter 136)

(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the 136th chapter of the 16th volume of the manga, we see Emma not only wearing an apron, but also looking cute when she is surprised by Draken’s presence.

Perhaps she knew that Draken would be there that day, because when the doorbell rang, she recognized him and quickly fixed her hair.

Mikey’s most understanding person (Vol.17, chapter 146)

Mikey's most understanding person (Vol.17, chapter 146)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the manga volume 17, chapter 146, there is a scene where Izana Kurokawa, the president of Tenjiku, and Mikey meet, and Emma and Takemichi are watching from a distance.

Here, Emma says of Mikey

  • Mikey shows nothing but strength in front of everyone.
  • No matter what, Mikey will never show his weakness.
  • But in reality, he still can’t sleep without his dirty old towel, he’s but a weak boy.
  • So Whenever there is trouble, I’ll help Mikey, no matter what!

Emma is still grateful to Mikey for being there for her when she was a child, and she decides that she will help Mikey when he is in trouble.

But tragedy strikes soon after.

“I love you, Draken” (Vol.17, chapter 148)

Emma, (C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Emma was fatally wounded in an attack by Tetta Kisaki. In the manga volume 17, chapter 148, Mikey carries Emma on his back and takes her to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Emma realises that she is dying.

If anything happens to me…
Tell Draken,
“I love you Draken.”

And finally, she tells Takemichi, “Please take care of Mikey, Okay?”.

Takemichi cannot save Emma at this point, because he can only go back in time to a specific date and time, exactly 12 years ago.

It was a shocking scene for Emma fans.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo Revengers] Emma’s cute scene! She’s an sexy girl with great style!”

In this article, we have introduced Emma Sano of Tokyo Revengers in a series of cute scenes from the story.

As you can see, as the story progresses, Emma becomes a very different character from the first impression she made when she first appeared in her underwear.

That’s why the final scene was so shocking and the sense of loss was huge…

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