[Tokyo Revengers] Draken’s death! What’s the reasons for dead and execution?

Draken(Ken Ryuguji)

This article explains the details of the future in which Ken Ryuguji, aka Draken of Tokyo Revengers, the reason for his death and execution, and the future in which he survives without dying.

In Tokyo Revengers, Draken has already died or been executed in the futureafter each time leap.

Each time Takemichi makes a time jump, he desperately tries to change the past so that Draken and the other members of Tokyo manji gang don’t die.

In the end, will the future be one where Draken doesn’t die?

What you can learn from this article
  • Draken’s situation after each time leap
  • The future in which Drakken dies
  • The future in which Drakken does not die

This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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[Tokyo Revengers] Draken dies in the future?

In the story of Tokyo Revengers, at least in the beginning, the future continues with the death of Draken.

Draken is Mikey’s partner and advisor, and he is the one who supports Mikey from behind the scenes.

Therefore, Draken’s death is thought to be a major factor in Mikey’s fall to the dark side, and Takemichi’s goal in the early time leap was not to let Draken die.

In the next chapter, let’s take a look at Draken’s survival/death status after each of Takemichi’s time leaps.

[Tokyo Revengers] The list of Draken’s future! What’s the reason of death?

This is a list of Draken’s survival/death status after Takemichi’s time leap, and the status of Tokyo Manji gang (Toman) in the future.

the number of time leap event in the past Draken’s survival/death status conditions in the future
1st Death – Tokyo manji gang turns to the criminal group
-Tetta Kisaki controls Tokyo manji gang
– Mikey falls to dark side
2nd Death
3rd The battle of 8/3 Death
4th Death penalty
5th Bloody Haloween Death penalty
6th Death penalty -Tokyo manji gang and Black dragon merged
-Tetta Kisaki controls Tokyo manji gang
– Mikey falls to dark side
7th The battle of Christmas Death -Tokyo manji gang and Tenjiku merged
-Tetta Kisaki controls Tokyo manji gang
– Mikey falls to dark side and kill all the member of Toman
8th Kanto incident Death
9th Alive – Tokyo manji gang has already disbanded
– The members of Tokyo manji gang are alive
– Mikey falls to dark side
– Bonten is founded
10th Final Arc
(in 2008)

Initially, Draken was supposed to die during the battle of 8/3, so in the future there was no Draken.

And even after preventing his death in the battle of 8/3, the tragic future continues as he is condemned to death.

In the next chapter, we will take a closer look at each of Takemichi’s post time leap future situations and Draken’s survival/death situations one by one.

[Tokyo Revengers] Draken dies? Future at a glance! What is the reason for the death sentence & execution?

The future after each of the Takemichi time leap listed earlier will be explained in detail, along with Draken’s survival/death status.

First of all, the beginning of the story starts with the case of Draken’s death in the battle of 8/3.

After the first three time leap, Draken is already dead in the battle of 8/3.

First of all, we will look at Takemichi’s future after the first to third time leap.

The first time leap was triggered without Takemichi knowing why, and after the second time leap, he accidentally touched Naoto’s hand and came back to the future by accident.

After the second time leap, Takemichi learns about what happened from Atsushi Sendou (a.k.a. Akkun).


According to Akkun, Draken has already died in this world, and the reason for his death was the “internal conflict of Tokyo Manji gang” 12 years ago.

It is called the battle of 8/3 because it happened on August 3, 2005, and Takemichi goes back 12 years to prevent Draken from dying.

After the 4th to 5th time leaps, he is on death row.

After the 4th to 5th time leaps, he is on death row.(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Thanks to Takemichi’s efforts, the internal conlict of Tokyo Manji gang was averted, and Draken, who was stabbed during a subsequent fight with the remnants of Moebius, managed not to die.

Takemichi returned to the future after successfully completing his mission of “keeping Draken alive”, but Hina died in the future as well.

In the present, Hina is still dead, and Draken is on death row, even though he avoided death 12 years ago.


The reason why Draken is on death row is not explained in detail in the story, but it seems that Draken was framed by Tetta Kisaki and committed the murder.

Draken’s desire to avenge Emma is involved in this, and perhaps Tetta Kesaki made up Emma’s revenge to deceive him.


As long as Tetta Kisaki is in Tokyo Manji gang, they will continue to be controlled by him, and Mikey has fallen to dark side, so it will remain in the bad future.

Takemichi then goes back in time and sets his ultimate goal as “becoming the head of Tokyo Manji gang and stopping Tetta Kisaki”, and in order to get closer to that goal, his next mission is to “become the captain of Tokyo Manji gang”.

After the 6th timely leap, condemned to death.

12 years ago, on “Bloody Halloween”, Mikey’s best friend, Keisuke Baji, died and Tetta Kisaki became established as the captain of 3rd division of Tokyo Manji gang.

However, Takemichi is appointed as the captain of 1st division to replace Keisuke Baji, and takes a big step forward towards his big goal of becoming the head of Tokyo Manji gang.

When Takemichi returns to the future, he finds that he has become one of the top executives of Tokyo Manji gang, a huge criminal organization that has merged with the former Black dragon.

Takemichi and Chifuyu are framed and detained by Tetta Kisaki, where it is revealed that “Draken was sentenced to death”.

Even in this future, Draken’s death, the corruption of Tokyo Manji gang and the dictatorship of Tetta Kisaki could not be stopped.


After this, Takemichi is taken into custody by Naoto, and just before he enters the detention center, he shakes hands with him and makes a time leap.

His next mission is to prevent the connection between Black Dragon and Tokyo Manji gang, and to eliminate Tetta Kisaki from Tokyo Manji gang.

After the 7th or 8th time leap, Mikey slays him and death

After the 7th or 8th time leap, Mikey slays him and death(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

12 years ago, Mikey defeated the 10th president of Black Dragon, Taiju Shiba, and effectively destroyed Black Dragon.

The most difficult part of the mission was to get rid of Tetta Kisaki, but Mikey was able to accomplish this by expelling Kisaki from Tokyo Manji gang, finally severing the connection between the great evil and Tokyo Manji gang.

However, when Takemichi returns to the future after completing his mission, the worst ending ever awaits him there.

Draken has been slashed to death by Mikey, and the other members of Tokyo Manji gang have all been killed by Mikey.

[Tokyo Revengers]Future in which Draken avoids death

So far, we have discussed the future after the first to eighth time leaps.

Draken is either dead or on death row in these futures, but after the ninth time leap, he finally avoids death, is not on death row, and leads a normal life in the future.


12 years ago, Tenjiku was destroyed, Tetta Kisaki died, and Mikey disbanded Tokyo Manji gang.

So in the future, Draken and the other members of Tokyo Manji gang are living happily together.

Draken, like Shinichiro Sano, runs a motorbike shop and seems to be doing it together with Seishu Inui (Inupi).

Draken has died many times in previous time leaps, but this is the world where he finally survives, but Mikey has fallen into darkness in this world too.

From now on, Takemichi will aim for a future where Draken survives without dying and Mikey doesn’t fall into darkness.

[Tokyo Revengers] Draken dies in the final Arc!

[Tokyo Revengers] Draken dies in the final Arc!(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the final Arc of Tokyo Revengers (chapter 221), Draken was hit by a bullet from the Rokuhara-Tandai guys and collapsed, leaving Takemichi with the words “I’ve done all I can do“.

This is the scene where all the fans were shocked to see Draken’s death in the final Arc.

Also, in chapter 223, while Draken is being carried away in the ambulance, he sees his memories of the Tokyo Manji gang members like a flash back, and Emma takes him by the hand at the end.

And in chapter 224, the paramedics clearly told Takemichi that he was already dead.

Thus, Draken’s death is confirmed in the final Arc.

[Tokyo Revengers]Will Draken of Tokyo Revengers die in the final chapter? How does it affect the future?

Tokyo Revengers has entered its final Arc in chapter 207 of volume 24 of the manga, where Takemichi has made a time leap from the future to the year 2008.

In this time period, Draken is in his third year of high school and is just starting his journey to become a future motorbike shop owner.


Tokyo Manji gang has been disbanded, so the members of Toman should not be involved in any conflicts, but depending on how the final chapter unfolds, it is possible that they will be involved in a conflict like Draken.

Draken’s death may have a big impact on the future.

Conclusion of “[Tokyo Revengers] Draken’s death! What’s the reasons for dead and execution?”

In this article, we have explained the details of the future n which Draken dies, the reason for his execution and death, and the future in which he survives without dying.

Not only Draken, but all the members of Tokyo Manjig gang have been facing a tragic future for a long time, so it is deeply moving to see a world where everyone is finally alive.

However, in the final Arc, Draken unexpectedly dies, which is a shocking development.

It will be interesting to see if Draken’s death will ever be reversed.

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Tokyo Revengers, Draken is so cool! Mikey’s best friend!

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