Tokyo Revengers, Draken is so cool! Mikey’s best friend!

[Tokyo Revengers] Draken is cool. Draken(Ken Ryuguji)

In this article we’ll be looking at the cool charms of Ken Ryuguji, aka Draken from Tokyo Revengers, and some of his coolest quotes from the series including relationship with Mikey.

Draken is the vice president of Tokyo Manji gang, and supports Mikey as his partner.

He’s also a very strong fighter, but the coolest thing about Draken is the quotes and actions that show his humanity.

Let’s take a look at what makes Draken so cool.

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This article contains spiler of Tokyo revengers

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Tokyo Revengers’ Ken Ryuguji (Draken) is a cool guy! He has a cool tatoo of dragon!

We explain why Draken of the Tokyo Revengers has a reputation for being cool.

Despite being only 15 years old, Draken is 185cm tall and has a dragon tattooed on his head, making him unapproachable to most people.

But when you get to know his personality and character, your impression of him changes completely, and without exception, he is a man that everyone finds cool.

Draken is extremely strong in fights

As you can see, Draken is a very strong fighter.

The actual fight scene will be introduced later, but in the story, Draken shows his unparalleled strength in the battle against many people, and he can take on dozens of people by himself.

His strength is like a monster, so many people respect him especially for men.

Draken looks scary but he’s actually kind

Draken is tall for his age, strong, tattooed in the head, and ridiculously strong in fights, but he doesn’t resort to violence out of hand and is rather gentle.

Draken’s appearance is so scary that Takemichi is completely overwhelmed by him at first, but as the story progresses they become friends.

Furthermore, Mikey trusts him as his partner and advisor, and the members of Tokyo Manji gang also trust him because of his personality.

Basically, Draken is a kind person, but he will not show any mercy to a clear enemy.

Draken is an unshakable delinquent

One of the main reasons why Draken is so cool is because of his values and his way of being a delinquent.

Draken, Mikey, and the other members of Tokyo Manji gang are all delinquents, but Draken in particular has a sensible “the true path of delinquent”, and doesn’t go beyond the bounds of nuisance or criminal behavior like the other teams in the manga.

This philosophy permeates the members of Tokyo Manji gang, and is one of the reasons why many delinquents admire them.


However, there are some members who do mischief, such as Kiyomasa, who organised the “underground fighting”.

In the case of Kiyomasa, Mikey himself beat up Kiyomasa in a public execution, and Draken also told his cronies “Don’t do anything that will ruin the name of Tokyo Manji gang”.

Draken’s love for Emma

Draken's love for Emma(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Throughout the series, Emma shows her emotion for Draken such as taking Takemichi into a karaoke bar just putting underwear to make him jealous.

Draken, however, is so preoccupied with Mikey and the war that he rarely pays any attention to Emma.

However, in the few scenes where Draken and Emma do interact, it is clear that Draken cares about Emma.

This is one of the reasons why Draken is so cool, whether he is in a fight or in love.

Tokyo Revengers’ Ken Draken’s coolest scenes and quotes! He supports Mikey any time!

Here are some of Draken’s coolest scenes and quotes from Tokyo Revengers, along with the number of volumes and chapters in which he appears.

As I mentioned earlier, Draken’s first impression is a bit scary, but once his personality is revealed, he becomes one of the coolest characters in Tokyo Revengers.

Draken tests the personality of Takemichi (Chapter 5 of Volume 1)

This is a cool quote by Draken that appeared in the chapter 5 of volume 1 of the manga.

One day, Mikey and Draken suddenly burst into Takemichi’s school and took Takemichi out to play (i.e. kidnapped him).

Hinata walks up to them and recklessly slaps Mikey and tries to rescue Takemichi, but Mikey and Draken lose their temper and close in on Hinata.

Then Takemichi tries to save her and says “I ain’t gonna give her up a second time!”.

When Mikey and Draken see this, they think it’s a great surprise and reveal the truth, and then Draken says to Takemichi

“I ain’t gonna give her up a second time!”.
Nowadays, there aren’t any men that’ll say that about women, are there?
It’s the Showa era, after all.

It was a scene that everyone thought “Takemichi’s life is over”, but it was a great scene where you could see Mikey and Draken’s big capacity and cool scene.

Draken is kind to girls (Chapter 10 of Volume 2)

Draken is kind to girls (Chapter 10 of Volume 2)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

As for the surprise to Takemichi, there is a scene in episode 10 of volume 2 of the manga where Draken follows up with Hinata.

He looks really scary, but he’s really caring and that’s what makes him cool.

In this scene, Draken looks at Hinata a little bit and smiles at her, which is very charming.

It’s a small thing, but I think Draken is trusted by the people around him because he can do these things.

Draken is Mikey’s butler (Chapter 12 of Volume 2 and Chapter 136 of Volume 16)

Draken is Mikey's butler (Chapter 12 of Volume 2 and Chapter 136 of Volume 16)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

As the vice president of Tokyo Manji gant, Draken is Mikey’s partner and right-hand man. Not only does he follow Mikey in battle, but he also takes care of him in everyday life, so he’s almost like a butler.

In the chapter 12 of volume 2 of the manga, Mikey says “I don’t have a flag for the children’s set!”.

Then Draken takes out a flag from his pocket and sticks it in Mikey’s face.

A good butler always has a pattern of what his master wants, and Draken is just like that.


Furthermore, in chapter 136 of volume 16 of the manga, Draken is seen setting Mikey’s hair, which is shaggy from sleep.

This seems to be a normal scene in their daily life, as they are having a normal conversation while setting his hair.

It seems that Draken is not only Mikey’s partner and adviser, but also his butler and brother.

“Just care about others. Have a heart.” (Chapter 12 of Volume 2)

In chapter 12 of volume 2 of the manga, Draken and Mikey visit the hospital where Pah-chin’s best friend’s girlfriend is hospitalized.

She is unconscious because she was beaten up by the Moebius members, and this is the cause of the war between Tokyo Manji gang and Moebius.

Therefore, her serious injury had nothing to do with Tokyo Manji gang, but her father, who didn’t know what was going on, showed up and started yelling at Mikey and Draken.

The culprits are the Moebius members, so there’s no reason for Mikey and Draken to be shouting at them, but Draken bows his head without saying a word, forcing Mikey to bow his head as well.

Here’s a cool quote from Draken to Mikey.


Draken, (C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Just care about others.
Have a heart.

This is Draken’s true path of delinquent, and there are not many adults who can be so sensible.

It’s so cool that you might think, “Are you really 15 years old?”, It’s such a cool value.

“You strayed from the path of a true delinquent.” (Chapter 16 of Volume 3)

In chapter 16 of volume 3 of the manga, Draken holds Osanai down when he attacks with a broken bottle of sake and kicks him in the knee.

Draken’s “true path of delinquent” as mentioned earlier, it’s so cool to see him kick Osanai in the knee.

I’ll tell you why you lost.
You strayed from the path of a true delinquent.

The members of Tokyo Manji gang are definitely delinquents, but as long as Draken is around, they would never do something as shitty as attacking someone’s family or girlfriend like Moebius did.

That’s why people think Tokyo Manji gang is cool and admire them even though they’re delinquent group.

“I bet 100 million yen for Take-micchi” (Chapter 25 of Volume 4)

Draken, (C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In the chapter 25 of volume 4 of the manga, there is a tie-up scene between Takemichi and Kiyomasa.

Kiyomasa is a man who used to treat Takemichi and his friends as slaves in a “underground fighting”, and if it was a simple fight, Takemichi would never be a match for him.

But when Draken sees this, he says “I bet 100 million yen for Takemichi!” and that boosted Takemichi’s morale.

And then Takemichi got his revenge with a chokeslam that knocked Kiyomasa out cold.

After that, they had to fight with Kiyomasa’s cronies, but Takemichi and Draken, who were almost out of the fight, stood up to the end and it was a great scene.

Draken is the demon of the fight (Chapter 53 of Volume 7)

Draken is the demon of the fight (Chapter 53 of Volume 7)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

Draken’s strength is shown in chapter 53 of volume 7 of the manga.

In the fight between Tokyo Manji gang and Valhalla, which was later called “Bloody Halloween”, Draken went into a group of opponents by himself and wiped out dozens of people by himself.

After all, Draken is a cool character when he fights, and this is the scene that makes me think “I’m really glad that this guy is on the side of Tokyo Manji gang” lol.

Draken’s power is beyond the human (Chapter 54 of Volume 7)

Draken's power is beyond the human (Chapter 54 of Volume 7)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

After defeating a number of Valhalla members, Draken goes one on one with Shuji Hanma in chapter 54 of volume 7 of the manga.

Shuji Hanma is the vice-president of the Valhalla and was strong enough to go toe to toe with Mikey in the battle in 8/3 but was blown away 10 metres by a straight right hand from Draken.

Mikey has always been a one-hit wonder, and Draken also would have sunk any ordinary delinquent with a single blow.

In this scene, Shuji Hanma may have jumped backwards to avoid Draken’s outrageous power, but even so, the destructive power is completely beyond the realm of junior high school students.

Talking about his fierce situation with a smile (Chapter 65 of Volume 8)

In chapter 65 of volume 8 of the manga, Draken invites Takemichi to his house.

Draken takes him to a building in the middle of Shibuya, and Takemichi is excited, saying “Aren’t you City Boy?” Takemichi was so excited, but when he entered the building, he found it was a brothel.

Takemichi thought he was on the wrong floor, but Draken said “I’m home” and walked in as usual.

In fact, Draken was born in a brothel in Shibuya.

  • His mother is a prostitute.
  • It is unknown who his father is.
  • When Draken was 2 years old, his mother died.

So ever since then, Draken has been under the care of the manager and the prostitutes of this brothel.

Draken’s room is playroom of brothel, but he laughs about his situation and talks about it without hesitation.

Emma is important to Draken (Chapter 66 of Volume 8)

In chapter 66 of volume 8 of the manga, we see Draken giving Emma a birthday present.

Emma usually shows Draken her favor but he often ignores her, but Draken also remembered Emma’s birthday.

The present is the one that Emma wanted in the arcade before, and Draken is the one who saw it well.

After putting the present on Emma’s head, Draken just said “I’m done with my business, I’m going home” and left.

Draken beats the members of Black Dragon up (Chapter 107 of Volume 13)

In chapter 107 of volume 13 of the manga, Draken alone defeated dozens of Black Dragon members outside the church in a battle against Taiju Shiba called “Battle of Christmas”.

The members of the Black Dragon had been trained by Taiju Shiba, but even with dozens of them together, they were still a small group to Draken.

When Draken came into the church, he said lightly, “I killed all the Black Dragons outside”, which is a cool scene.

Uncontrollable emotions (Chapter 150 of Volume 17)

Draken's uncontrollable emotions (Chapter 150 of Volume 17)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

On the day of the “Kanto Incident”, the decisive battle with Tenjiku, Emma was beaten to death by Tetta Kisaki.

When Draken rushes to the hospital, he only sees Emma’s corpse, and in chapter 150 of volume 17 of the manga, Draken takes Mikey out of the hospital.

This is the only time in the entire run of Tokyo Revengers that Draken shows any emotion towards Mikey.

You built TOMAN to protect everyone right?
Ye we got Pah-chin arrested!
Baji is dead!
Kazutora got arrested!
And now Emma
Emma is…

Draken knows that Mikey couldn’t do anything about it, but when Emma dies, his emotions explode and everything he’s been holding in over his head comes pouring out.

It’s a scene that seems out of character for Drakken, but in fact, Drakken has always been far too mature for his age.

His feelings for Emma (Chapter 186 of Volume 21)

Draken's feelings for Emma (Chapter 186 of Volume 21)(C)Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In chapter 186 of volume 21 of the manga, Emma’s funeral takes place.

Draken takes care of Emma’s face and then turns to Mikey’s grandpa.

I loved Emma.
I’m very sorry.
I couldn’t protect her.

He says.

This is the first time that Draken himself speaks about his feelings for Emma, and it’s a very unhelpful ending.

Draken in the anime of Tokyo Revengers is pretty cool too!

So far we’ve looked at some of Draken’s coolest scenes and quotes.

Draken’s strength and coolness have been faithfully recreated in the anime of Tokyo Revengers, and the subtle tone of his voice is perfect for his image.

Here’s a video of some of Draken’s coolest scenes for your reference.

Draken (Yuki Yamada) in the live action version of Tokyo Revengers is cool too!

Tokyo Revengers has also been made into a live-action film, which has become a very popular movie due to the excellent cast that has been chosen.

Draken is played by Yuki Yamada, and his hairstyle and dragon tattoos have been recreated, as well as Draken’s passionate quotes and cool scenes.

Draken is still a cool character in live action.

Conclusion of “Tokyo Revengers, Draken is so cool! Mikey’s best friend!”

In this article, we’ve talked about the cool charm of Ken Ryuguji, aka Draken from Tokyo Revengers, and his cool quotes from the series.

Draken is known for his cool quotes and mature values that are not in keeping with his age. That’s why his words and actions at the time of Emma’s death were so impressive.

We hope that the future will be a future where Emma doesn’t die.

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