Tetta Kisaki

Nobutaka Osanai

[Tokyo Revengers] Nobutaka Osanai and Tetta Kisaki’s relationship!

This article explains the relationship between Nobutaka Osanai and Tetta Kisaki, and the purpose for which Kisaki Tetsut...
Tetta Kisaki

[Tokyo Revengers] Kisaki says “My hiro”! What’s his purpose?

This article explains the series of actions of Tetta Kisaki of Tokyo Revengers, the purpose of his murderous acts, the reason for his obsession with Hinata and Mikey, and the meaning of "my hero".
Tetta Kisaki

[Tokyo Revengers] Kisaki’s death scene! Why and how did he die?

This article explains the death scene of Tetta Kisaki in Tokyo Revengers and the circumstances leading up to his death.
Tetta Kisaki

[Tokyo Revengers] Kisaki takes a time travel? What’s the purpose to kill Hinata?

In this article, I will explain the true face and identity of Tetta Kisaki from Tokyo Revengers, as well as the theory of time leaper and Mastermind.
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