Takuya Yamamoto

Akkun(Atsushi Sendo)

[Tokyo Revengers] Mizo-middle-five members list! What’s the future and what’s happening in the final Arc?

This article will explain the list of the Mizo-middle-five of Tokyo Revengers, and their situation in the future and hig...
Takuya Yamamoto

[Tokyo Revengers] Takuya Yamamoto dies in the future? What’s the reason of death?

This article will introcuce the up-to-date information about the future of Takuya Yamamoto from Tokyo Revengers and whether he will die or not.
Akkun(Atsushi Sendo)

[Tokyo Revengers] Who’s time leaper? The candidates of time skip/travel!

This article will explain the other time leaper and mastermind of the Tokyo Revengers, the candidates from the descriptions in the story, and other foreshadowing.
Takuya Yamamoto

[Tokyo Revengers] Takuya Yamamoto is the mastermind? What’s the truth behind the rumours?

In this article we will explain the theory that Takuya Yamamoto is the mastermind behind the Tokyo Revengers, based on his portrayal in the story.
Mikey(Manjiro Sano)

[Tokyo Revengers] Takuya and Mikey resenble each other? What’s their relationship?

This article is about the resemblance between Takuya Yamamoto and Manjiro Sano (aka Mikey) and explains their relationship.
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