Takashi Mitsuya

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[Tokyo Revengers] Takemichi’ new gang team! Who’re the members and what’s their names and marks?

This article explains the list of members of Takemichi's  new gang team, and how it was made.
Takashi Mitsuya

[Tokyo Revengers] Mitsuya’s motorcycle “Impulse” is cool! How’s the price and exhaust sound?

This article introduces the detail of Takashi Mitsuya's motorcycle "Impulse", the exhaust sound, the price, and a list of scenes where Takashi Mitsuya rides the Impulse.
Takashi Mitsuya

[Tokyo revengers] Takashi Mitsuya’s nickname! And what the captains are called in Tokyo Manji gang?

This article will introduce about the nicknames/common names of Takashi Mitsuya and the other captains and members of the Tokyo Revengers.
Takashi Mitsuya

[Tokyo Revengers] Takashi Mitsuya’s haircut! Comparison with the hairstyle in the past and the future!

This article explains the details of Takashi Mitsuya's haircut in Tokyo Revengers, and the differences between his past and future.
Takashi Mitsuya

Tokyo Revengers, Takashi Mituya is cool characters! His quotes are awesome!

This article is about the coolest scenes of Takashi Mitsuya, the captain of 2nd division in Tokyo Revengers.
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