Shinichiro Sano

Mikey(Manjiro Sano)

[Tokyo Revengers] Mikey’s motorcycle/bike name and its exhaust sound!

This article will introduce you to Sano Manjiro(aka Mikey)'s beloved bike from Tokyo Revengers, including the origin of its name, a video of its exhaust sound, its price, and the scene where Mikey actually rides it.
Shinichiro Sano

[Tokyo Revengers] Shinichiro Sano’s death scene! His age and the date of his death are shown here!

This article explains why and how Shinichiro Sano died, and how old he was when he died in Tokyo Revengers.
Emma Sano

[Tokyo Revengers] Sano family tree! Summary of Mikey, Emma, Shinichiro and Izana’s father & mother!

This article explains the family tree of Sano family of Tokyo Revengers, the blood relationship between Mikey, Emma, Shi...
Draken(Ken Ryuguji)

[Tokyo Revengers] Death list of characters! Before and after summary of each time leap!

This article contains a list of characters who have been confirmed to have died, the death/survival status of all characters, and a list of characters who have died in the future after each timeline.
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