Pah-chin(Haruki Hayashida)

Angry(Soya Kawata)

[Tokyo Revengers] Takemichi’ new gang team! Who’re the members and what’s their names and marks?

This article explains the list of members of Takemichi's  new gang team, and how it was made.
Pah-chin(Haruki Hayashida)

[Tokyo Revengers] Pah-chin’s strength! His has empty brain? lol

This article will explain the strength of Haruki Hayashida, aka Pah-chin of the Tokyo Revengers.
Pah-chin(Haruki Hayashida)

[Tokyo Revengers] Pah-chin’s bike/motorcycle is CBX400F! Its price and exhaust sound are revealed!

This article will introduce Haruki Hayashida (aka, Pah-chin)'s bike/motorcycle "CBX400F" of , including its real picture, exhaust sound, price, and a list of scenes where Pahchin rides it in the story.
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