Naoto Tachibana

Akkun(Atsushi Sendo)

[Tokyo Revengers] Who’s time leaper? The candidates of time skip/travel!

This article will explain the other time leaper and mastermind of the Tokyo Revengers, the candidates from the descriptions in the story, and other foreshadowing.
Naoto Tachibana

[Tokyo Revengers] Why does Naoto remember the past world? About the mystery of the trigger!

This article will explain why Naoto Tachibana remembers everything after Takemichi's time leap in the story, and the scenes that show that he still has his memories.
Naoto Tachibana

[Tokyo Revengers] Is Naoto the mastermind? About his weirdness and contradictions!

This article will explain about the mastermind theory of Naoto Tachibana in Tokyo Revengers, the truth of the mastermind theory, the reason why it is rumored, and contradictions.
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