Mucho(Yasuhiro Muto)

Mucho(Yasuhiro Muto)

[Tokyo Revengers] Mucho’s strength and battle record! How’s his height and size of body?

In this article, we will explain the strength of Yasuhiro Muto, aka Mucho of the Tokyo Revengers, based on his fights and battle scenes in the manga.
Mucho(Yasuhiro Muto)

[Tokyo Revengers] Mucho (Yasuhiro Mutoh)’s death scene! How did he die?

This article explains the death scene, reasons for death, and possible future resurrection of Yasuhiro Muto, aka Mucho from Tokyo Revengers.
Draken(Ken Ryuguji)

[Tokyo Revengers] Death list of characters! Before and after summary of each time leap!

This article contains a list of characters who have been confirmed to have died, the death/survival status of all characters, and a list of characters who have died in the future after each timeline.
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