Inupi(Seishu Inui)

Angry(Soya Kawata)

[Tokyo Revengers] Takemichi’ new gang team! Who’re the members and what’s their names and marks?

This article explains the list of members of Takemichi's  new gang team, and how it was made.
Inupi(Seishu Inui)

[Tokyo Revengers] Seishu Inui(Inupi)’s favorite bike/motorcycle is RZ350! How much the price of it?

This article is about Inui Seishu(aka, Inupi)'s bike/motorcycle, including actual photos, exhaust sound, price, and scen...
Inupi(Seishu Inui)

[Tokyo Revengers] Why was Inui wearing high heels?

This article explains the reasons and background behind the scene where Seishu Inui, aka Inupi wore high heels in the story.
Inupi(Seishu Inui)

[Tokyo Revengers] Why did Koko kiss Inui? The rumours about Inupi and Koko!

This article explains the reason and background behind the depiction that Hajime Kokonoi aka Koko, kissed Seishu Inui aka Inupi.
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