Hinata Tachibana

Akkun(Atsushi Sendo)

[Tokyo Revengers] Who’s time leaper? The candidates of time skip/travel!

This article will explain the other time leaper and mastermind of the Tokyo Revengers, the candidates from the descriptions in the story, and other foreshadowing.
Hinata Tachibana

[Tokyo Revengers] Hinata’s death scene! Will there be a future where she is alive?

This article explains in detail about the cause of death and the ending of HinataTachibana, about the future in which she dies and the future in which she survives.
Hinata Tachibana

[Tokyo Revengers] Hinata and Takemichi will get married? Their kiss, dump and wedding!

This article will explain the ending of Hinata Tachibana and Takemichi Hanagaki in Tokyo Revengers, and whether or not they will eventually get married.
Hinata Tachibana

[Tokyo Revengers] Hinata Tachibana is so cute! The hiroine of the story!

In this article we will explain the cute factor and introduce some cute scenes of Hinata Tachibana in Tokyo Revengers.
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