Haruchiyo Sanzu

Akkun(Atsushi Sendo)

[Tokyo Revengers] Who’s time leaper? The candidates of time skip/travel!

This article will explain the other time leaper and mastermind of the Tokyo Revengers, the candidates from the descriptions in the story, and other foreshadowing.
Haruchiyo Sanzu

[Tokyo Revengers] Who is Sanzu? The relationship with Mikey and Bonten!

This article will explain the true identity of Haruchiyo Sanzu from Tokyo Revengers, including his relationship with Tokyo Manji gang, Mucho, Mikey and Bonten.
Haruchiyo Sanzu

[Tokyo Revengers] Sanzu takes drugs! What’s the side effects of medication?

This article will explain the drug/medicine that Haruchiyo Sanzu was taking.
Haruchiyo Sanzu

[Tokyo Revengers] Sanzu’s gender is woman? The hairstyle is girly!

This article will explain whether Haruchiyo Sanzu in Tokyo Revengers is a man or a woman.
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