Hakkai Shiba

Angry(Soya Kawata)

[Tokyo Revengers] Takemichi’ new gang team! Who’re the members and what’s their names and marks?

This article explains the list of members of Takemichi's  new gang team, and how it was made.
Hakkai Shiba

[Tokyo Revengers] Hakkai Shiba’s strength and battle record!

This article will explain the strength of Hakkai Shiba of the Tokyo Revengers based on his battle scenes and achievements in the series.
Hakkai Shiba

[Tokyo Revengers] Hakkai Shiba’s brother Taiju Shiba and sister Yuzuha!

This article explains the past, the relationship between the three brothers and the future  situation Shiba Hakkai, his brother Taiju and his sister Yuzuha.
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