Emma Sano

Draken(Ken Ryuguji)

[Tokyo Revengers] Emma and Draken married? The funeral scene reveals a romantic relationship!

In this article we will discuss the relationship between Emma and Draken in Tokyo Revengers, including the possibility of marriage and lovers, their romantic relationship and the portrayal of their feelings for each other.
Emma Sano

[Tokyo Revengers] What’s Emma and Mikey’s relationship? Do they actually liove each other?

Emma and Mikey are half-siblings, and there are many descriptions of their relationship in Tokyo Revolation.
Emma Sano

[Tokyo Revengers] Emma’s cute scene! She’s an sexy girl with great style!

This article is all about Emma Sano from Tokyo Revengers and her cute scenes in the story.
Emma Sano

Emma Sano is hit to death in Tokyo revengers! Will she be rivived? In what volume and chapter does she die?

This article explains the death scene, reasons for death and the possibility of resurrection & coming back to life of Emma Sano in Tokyo Revengers.
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