Chifuyu Matsuno

Angry(Soya Kawata)

[Tokyo Revengers] Takemichi’ new gang team! Who’re the members and what’s their names and marks?

This article explains the list of members of Takemichi's  new gang team, and how it was made.
Chifuyu Matsuno

[Tokyo Revengers] Chifuyu Matsuno dies in the future? All death scene!

This article will explain the list of future deaths of Chifuyu Matsuno in Tokyo Revengers, his death scene and the ending where he survives without dying.
Chifuyu Matsuno

[Tokyo revengers] Chifuyu Matsuno’s haircut! Check it out to order at beauty parlor!

This article will explain the differences between the past and future haircut of Chifuyu Matsuno from Tokyo Revengers, as well as a video of an actual recreation.
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