Inupi(Seishu Inui)

[Tokyo Revengers] Why did Koko kiss Inui? The rumours about Inupi and Koko!

This article explains the reason and background behind the depiction that Hajime Kokonoi aka Koko, kissed Seishu Inui aka Inupi.
Koko(Hajime Kokonoi)

[Tokyo Revengers] Koko’s future! Why is he in Bonten and Kanto Manji gang?

This article explains the list of the future status of Hajime Kokonoi, aka Koko, and the latest information about his relationship with Bonten and Kanto Manjikai.
Spoilers of Tokyo Revengers

[Tokyo Revengers] chapter 210 spoilers! Draken and South Terano appear!

In this article we will talk about the latest spoilers for chapter 210 of Tokyo Revengers.
Spoilers of Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers chapter 209 spoilers! What’s going on with the former Tokyo Manjikai and Hinata?

In this article we will talk about the latest spoilers for chapter 209 of Tokyo Revengers. Since chapter 207, we have...
Gang Team of Tokyo Revengers

[Tokyo Revengers] Bonten’s members! Their tattoo and symbol are alike Izana’s earing!

This article will explain the list of members of Bonten, the details of each member, and the meaning of the symbols/tattoos on Izana Kurokawa's earring pattern.
Takeomi Akashi

[Tokyo Revengers] Takeomi Akashi’s siblings and family! He’s elder brother of Senju Kawaragi and Haruchiyo Sanzu!

This article is about Takeomi Akashi from Tokyo Revengers, who he is in the first place, his role in Bonten, and his relationship with Mikey and his dark fall.
Shuji Hanma

[Tokyo Revengers] Hanma’s height is so tall! How he compares to other characters?

In this article we will talk about how tall Shuji Hanma is in Tokyo Revengers.
Shuji Hanma

[Tokyo Revengers] What Hanma’s tatoo means? Is he a mastermind and time leaper?

In this article, I will explain the theory that Shuji Hanma is the mastermind behind the Tokyo Revengers and the meaning of his tatoos.

[Tokyo Revengers] Kiyomasa is in death? After fight to Takemichi, where is he?

This article will explain the situation of Kiyomasa, (Kiyomizu Masataka), of the Tokyo Revengers, along with the stoty after 1 on 1 fight with Takemichi.
Kazutora Hanemiya

[Tokyo Revengers] Is Kazutora Hanemiya death? How does the future end?

This article explains the future of Kazutora Hanemiya, including his death, his survival and his final ending.
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