SSTD is pleased to announce the winners of the best paper awards from the set of papers submitted to the SSTD 2017 conference.

Best Paper Award

Towards Spatially- and Category-wise Diverse k-Nearest Neighbors Queries
Camila Costa (University of Alberta), Mario Nascimento (University of Alberta)

Best Demo Paper Award

Visualization of Range-Constrained Optimal Density Clustering of Trajectories
Muhammed Mas-Ud Hussain (Northwestern University), Goce Trajcevski (Northwestern University), Kazi Ashik Islam (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology), Mohammed Eunus Ali (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

Best Vision Paper Awards


A Unified Framework to Predict Movement
Olga Gkountouna (George Mason University), Dieter Pfoser (George Mason University), Carola Wenk (Tulane University), Andreas Z├╝fle (George Mason University)

First runner-up

Towards a Unified Spatial Crowdsourcing Platform
Christopher Jonathan (University of Minnesota), Mohamed Mokbel (University of Minnesota)

Second runner-up

On Designing a GeoViz-Aware Database System – Challenges and Opportunities
Mohamed Sarwat (Arizona State University), Arnab Nandi (Ohio State University)