Demo Session

Session Chair: Jiang Zhe
  • Ahmet Kucuk, Berkay Aydin, Soukaini Filali Boubrahimi, Dustin Kempton and Rafal Angryk. An Integrated Solar Database (ISD) with Extended Spatiotemporal Querying Capabilities
  • Mariem Brahem, Karine Zeitouni and Laurent Yeh – HX-MATCH: In-Memory Cross-Matching Algorithm for Astronomical Big Data
  • Felix Kunde and Petra Sauer – pgMemento – A Generic Transaction-based Audit Trail for Complex Spatial Databases
  • Ove Andersen, Benjamin Krogh and Kristian Torp – ELVIS: Comparing Electric and Conventional Vehicle Energy Consumption and CO 2 Emissions
  • Muhammed Mas-Ud Hussain, Goce Trajcevski, Kazi Ashik Islam and Mohammed Eunus Ali – Visualization of Range-Constrained Optimal Density Clustering of Trajectories
  • Crystal Chen, Arnold Boedihardjo, Brian Jenkins, Charlotte Ellison, Jessica Lin, Pavel Senin and Tim Oates – STAVIS 2.0: Mining Spatial Trajectories via Motifs
  • Jianqiu Xu and Junxiu Liang – A System for Querying and Displaying Typed Intervals
  • Siddhant Vijay Kulkarni and Farnoush Banaei-Kashani – MVSC-Bench: A Tool to Benchmark Classification Methods for Multivariate Spatiotemporal