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Christian S. Jensen is Obel Professor of Computer Science at Aalborg University, Denmark, and he was recently with Aarhus University for three years and spent a one-year sabbatical at Google Inc., Mountain View. His research concerns data management and data-intensive systems, and its focus is on temporal and spatio-temporal data management. Christian is an ACM and an IEEE Fellow, and he is a member of Academia Europaea, the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. He has received several national and international awards for his research. He is Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Database Systems

Data-Intensive Paradigms for Vehicle Routing

Abstract: Aspects of our lives are increasingly being captured digitally, and data is increasingly available that enables us to capture the states of important societal processes at an unprecedented level of detail, in turn enabling us to better understand and improve the processes. Vehicular transportation is one such process. The proliferation of, most notably, vehicle trajectory data enables the accurate capture of the time-varying state of the traffic in road networks and of driver route preferences. The speaker argues that when the underlying data is in the form of trajectories, the traditional routing paradigm, where a road network is modeled as a graph and weights such as travel times are assigned to edges, should be replaced by a new data-intensive paradigm, where weights are associated with paths. This setting presents new challenges and opportunities to routing. Further, the proliferation of data enables higher-resolution routing, which calls for a new on-the-fly weight computation paradigm. Finally, a routing paradigm that does not rely on weights and costs shows promise.

Dr. Koeln joined MDA Information Systems LLC (MDA) in 1992 as Chief Scientist. As Chief Scientist, his responsibilities primarily included: creating new products, entry into new geospatial markets, and project management. Prior to his appointment as President of MDA (2009 – 2014), Dr. Koeln held the positions of Vice President and Senior Vice President of the Geospatial Solutions business unit of MDA. Dr. Koeln has helped to grow the company from fewer than 50 staff members 1992 to over 400 staff members today. He has been a member of the Board of Managers of MDA from 2009 to 2017 and is currently serving MDA as the Chief Technology Officer.

45 Years of Remote Sensing and What is Next

Abstract: Dr. Greg Koeln has witnessed many changes in remote sensing over the past 45 years. He will present highlights on the history of remote sensing over the past 45 years, describing successes and failures. Based upon his experiences, he will share his views on potential future successes of remote sensing.