Accepted Papers

Accepted Research Papers

  • Liyue Fan, Luca Bonomi, Cyrus Shahabi and Li Xiong. Multi-User Itinerary Planning for Optimal Group Preference
  • Ahmed Eldawy, Ibrahim Sabek, Mostafa Elganainy, Ammar Bakeer, Ahmed Abdelmotaleb and Mohamed Mokbel. Sphinx: Empowering Impala for Efficient Execution of SQL Queries on Big Spatial Data (Industry/Systems Paper)
  • Louai Alarabi, Mohamed Mokbel and Mashaal Musleh. ST-Hadoop: A MapReduce Framework for Spatio-temporal Data
  • Zhipeng Huang and Nikos Mamoulis. Location-Aware Query Recommendation for Search Engines at Scale
  • Camila Costa and Mario Nascimento. Towards Spatially- and Category-wise Diverse k-Nearest Neighbors Queries
  • Xiaoyi Fu, Jinbin Huang, Hua Lu, Jianliang Xu and Yafei Li. Top-k Taxi Recommendation in Realtime Social-Aware Ridesharing Service
  • Michael Whitby and Rich Fecher. GeoWave: Utilizing Distributed Key-Value Stores for Multidimensional Data (Industry/Systems Paper)
  • Arpan Man Sainju and Zhe Jiang. Grid-based Co-location Mining Algorithms on GPU for Big Spatial Event Data: A Summary of Results
  • Yuqiu Qian, Ziyu Lu, Nikos Mamoulis and David W. Cheung. P-LAG: Location-aware Group Recommendation for Passive Users
  • Paolo Bolzoni and Sven Helmer. Hybrid Best-First Greedy Search for Orienteering with Category Constraints
  • Danila Piatov and Sven Helmer. Sweeping-Based Temporal Aggregation
  • Harry Kai-Ho Chan, Cheng Long and Raymond Chi-Wing Wong. Inherent-Cost Aware Collective Spatial Keyword Queries
  • Nina Hubig, Philip Fengler, Andreas Züfle, Ruixin Yang and Stephan Günnemann. Detection and Prediction of Natural Hazards using Large-Scale Environmental Data
  • Erik Seglem, Andreas Zuefle, Jan Stutzki, Felix Borutta, Evgheniy Faerman and Matthias Schubert. On Privacy in Spatio-Temporal Data: User Identification Using Microblog Data
  • Yiqun Xie and Shashi Shekhar. FF-SA: Fragmentation-Free Spatial Allocation
  • Jia Yu and Mohamed Sarwat. Indexing NYC Taxi Trips in PostgreSQL: Lessons from the Road
  • Fangshu Chen, Huaizhong Lin, Jianzhong Qi, Pengfei Li and Yunjun Gao. Collective-k Optimal Location Selection
  • Xun Tang, Emre Eftelioglu and Shashi Shekhar. Detecting Isodistance Hotspots on Spatial Networks: A Summary of Results
  • Manel Charfi Barrellon, Yann Gripay and Jean-Marc Petit. Spatio-Temporal Functional Dependencies for Sensor Data Streams

Accepted Vision/Challenge Papers

  • Olga Gkountouna, Dieter Pfoser, Carola Wenk and Andreas Züfle. A Unified Framework to Predict Movement
  • Christopher Jonathan and Mohamed Mokbel. Towards a Unified Spatial Crowdsourcing Platform
  • Mohamed Sarwat and Arnab Nandi. On Designing a GeoViz-Aware Database System
  • Klaus Arthur Schmid, Andreas Zuefle, Dieter Pfoser, Andrew Crooks, Arie Croitoru and Anthony Stefanidis. Predicting the Evolution of Narratives in Social Media
  • Zhenhui Li. Semantic Understanding of Spatial Trajectories

Accepted Demo Papers

  • Muhammed Mas-Ud Hussain, Kazi Ashik Islam, Goce Trajcevski and Mohammed Eunus Ali. Visualization of Range-Constrained Optimal Density Clustering of Trajectories
  • Ove Andersen, Benjamin Krogh and Kristian Torp. ELVIS: Comparing Electric and Conventional Vehicle Energy Consumption and CO 2 Emissions
  • Felix Kunde and Petra Sauer. pgMemento – A Generic Transaction-based Audit Trail for Complex Spatial Databases
  • Mariem Brahem, Karine Zeitouni and Laurent Yeh. HX-MATCH: In-Memory Cross-Matching Algorithm for Astronomical Big Data
  • Crystal Chen, Arnold Boedihardjo, Brian Jenkins, Charlotte Ellison, Jessica Lin, Pavel Senin and Tim Oates. STAVIS 2.0: Mining Spatial Trajectories via Motifs
  • Siddhant Vijay Kulkarni and Farnoush Banaei-Kashani. MVSC-Bench: A Tool to Benchmark Classification Methods for Multivariate Spatiotemporal
  • Jianqiu Xu and Junxiu Liang. A System for Querying and Displaying Typed Intervals
  • Ahmet Kucuk, Berkay Aydin, Soukaini Filali Boubrahimi, Dustin Kempton and Rafal Angryk. An Integrated Solar Database (ISD) with Extended Spatiotemporal Querying Capabilities